Black Friday on tablets

Black Friday has arrived on tablets, and that translates into a great opportunity to buy cheaper tablets. On this day you will find real bargains with significant discounts applied to the most popular brands, such as Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc. You will not be presented with many more opportunities throughout the year, so take advantage of the offers…

Black Friday 2023 on tablets

To help you choose from so many offers, below you have a selection of the best Black Friday deals on tablets:

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During Black Friday you will also find offers available during that Friday and also in the previous week, the weekend and until Cyber ​​Monday. Multitude of physical stores and also online They offer very important offers and discounts during these days, with tablets at very attractive prices. These prices can not only save you money, but you can get a higher make and model than your budget could afford.

Tablet brands that we can buy cheaper on Black Friday

Some of the best brands that you can find with discounts during Black Friday, and that are the most recommended for almost any user, are:


The Chinese technology giant, Huawei, has an important market in Europe, and especially in Spain. This company has established itself as a leader in innovation and technology, and with its short life it is already one of the greats in the sector. Their tablets stand out especially for their features, quality and price. And, during Black Friday, you can find some discounts that can exceed 40% on certain models.


Apple is one of the most valuable and prestigious firms in the world of technology. One of the world leaders and that has products with extremely good quality, durability, and functions that you will not find in other brands. They are very exclusive tablets, for the most demanding. However, their prices are also the most expensive, although on Black Friday you can save up to 20% or more on high-end products.


The South Korean company Samsung has been one of the most advanced and powerful electronics producers in the world for decades. An empire that has grown based on quality and innovation, always at the forefront of technology and with some of the best alternative solutions to Apple for those who want an Android tablet. Take advantage of Black Friday and get a Galaxy Tab for much less.


Lenovo is another of the Chinese companies that stand out. This company has absorbed many others in the sector to arm itself with the best technology and stand out in sectors such as supercomputing, portable equipment, or tablets. This brand has models with fabulous features and very affordable prices. In addition, they have some more advanced and intelligent models that not only work as a tablet, but also as a smart speaker... And all that can be yours with discounts thanks to Black Friday.


One of the youngest companies in technology, but also one of the fastest expanding. It stands out for the design of its products, the quality, the benefits, and its adjusted prices compared to other more expensive manufacturers. The Chinese giant claims to be a low-cost Apple, and the truth is that it has succeeded in some of its products, such as tablets and smartphones. If you want to try it, on Black Friday you can find discounts of up to 30% on this brand.

When is Black Friday 2023

El Black Friday, or Black Friday, is always celebrated the day after the last Thursday of November, that is, just after Thanksgiving. A very popular annual party in the United States, and after which department stores used to make great discounts to prepare for Christmas shopping. Now, that custom has spread to the rest of the world, and has even been extended with discounts the week before, the weekend after, and Cyber ​​Monday, especially focused on online offers.

This year, Black Friday falls on November 24 Friday of 2023. That is the date marked so that you can be prepared and not miss out on the best offers for yourself or to give to whoever you want. A way to advance the purchase of gifts for Christmas and not be late, in addition to saving a good sum of money...

How long is Black Friday on tablets

November is a hectic month of shopping and before Black Friday, many stores usually launch offers such as VAT Free Day, which is linked to Black Friday and, later, Cyber ​​Week. Therefore, Black Friday on tablets can be said to last practically the entire month of November.

Of course, the week with the most and best offers remains unchanged and it is the entire week in which the last Friday of November is included, so if you are looking for offers on tablets for Black Friday, we recommend that you wait for those days.

How Black Friday works on Amazon

black friday tablets amazon

During Black Friday, a multitude of offers or discounts are launched in physical stores and also online. This last variant is the favorite of many, since it allows you to buy comfortably from wherever you want without having to move. One of the most prominent stores is Amazon. The American online sales giant will begin to launch flash offers that you must hunt during 24 hours on Friday 26.

You will not only find an opportunity, since the web becomes very dynamic that day, and you will find offers that have already expired or of which the products have been sold out, but they will be replaced by new ones that are usually available about 10. And remember, once you've hunted down the bargain, you have some 15 min to finalize the purchase, since if you leave it in the wish list or in the cart, the offer can disappear to prevent some users from “reserving” the offered products in any way.

Also, if you need more advantages, you can subscribe to the service Amazon Prime, which will give you access to a multitude of services, such as Prime Video, among others, and you will not have to pay shipping costs on all your orders, and the package will arrive at home before normal customers. What more could you want?

Black Friday on tablets

android tablet deals

Although here everything is focusing on tablet deals, Black Friday discounts are not only limited to this category of products, you can also find them in other sections, such as clothing, sports products, movies, books, PC components, laptops, smartphones, televisions, household appliances, and much more.

In addition to Amazon, they also offer discounts on many others. online stores and physical stores, such as Fnac, Mediamart, Carrefour, ECI, etc. So, if you need a new tablet, take advantage of next Friday, November 26, which will be the great opportunity of the year, allowing savings of up to €200 on some models, and discounts that are more succulent than the days without VAT (21%). …

Why is it called Black Friday?

El Black Friday, or Black Friday in English, has several supposed origins:

  • One of them has negative connotations in its origin, although at present everyone sees it as something positive to buy at a lower price. His name comes from Philadelphia (1966), as the police used to describe the day after Thanksgiving, when people would clog the streets with traffic from all the moving people. In 1975 the term would become popular and spread to the rest of the states. And later the businesses would use it as a sales claim for the offers.
  • Another alternative explanation alleges that the term black, black, comes from business accounts, which went from red to black numbers during that day, due to the increase in sales.

you can stay with the version you like best, but what you should never do is lose the opportunity to buy your cheapest tablet this November 24, 2023.

Which is better, Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday?

This question can be answered with a double answer: neither and both. There is no one better than the other, both days are fantastic opportunities to buy what you need at great discounts. But, while Black Friday affects all kinds of businesses, both physical and online, Cyber ​​Monday is a day of specific offers in digital stores.

Also, if the product you were looking for was out of stock, not on sale, or you didn't arrive on time during Black Friday, you should view Cyber ​​Monday as the second chance to get it.

Tips for buying a tablet on Black Friday

If you are a customer looking for a cheap tablet on Black Friday and you don't usually have much experience hunting the bargains of this day, you should follow these tips to get what you are really looking for and with the best prices:

  1. Think about what tablet you need, that is, what screen size and other features you need. Then, do an analysis of the models that meet your needs and narrow down your preferences. You can make a wish list if you prefer.
  2. You must set a maximum budget that you want to invest on Black Friday, to be much clearer if an offer fits or not what you are looking for. This will help you avoid being tempted by offers that are not enough.
  3. It's important to stay calm, and take the time to scour the store's website, like Amazon's, to see if what you're looking for has a discount. Remember that they are flash offers that do not last long, and even if you arrive on time, in some cases they run out. But if you are constant, you will get it.
  4. Always choose safe shopping sites, such as Amazon, which gives you the guarantees you need to avoid possible scams during this Black Friday. In addition, it is highly advisable to find out about the return policy and the terms of the chosen store, since the conditions could change this day due to the offers.
  5. Do not listen to offers that seem too good to be true, especially if they come from questionable emails or that appear on social networks, as they may be scams.

Black Friday on iPad

El Apple iPad It is one of the most expensive and exclusive tablets on the market, although it is also a guarantee purchase. This tablet is high-end, so not many can afford it. On the other hand, Black Friday can make you save up to hundreds of euros on the purchase of some of its models, which is something to highlight.

Stores like Amazon, Mediamarkt, Fnac, etc., will launch offers on iPad models, or add gift accessories to the pack for the same price. Yeah hunt the bargain, go for it without wasting time, or it is likely that you will lose it due to the expiration of the offer or because it is out of stock.

Where to get deals on tablets for Black Friday

If you are determined to buy a tablet for Black Friday and you don't know why stores start to get the best prices and purchase guarantees, you should opt for:

  • Amazon: it is a huge online sales platform that sells all brands of tablets, with all models, so it is easy to find what you are looking for. In addition, they not only have a single offer but, by working with distributors, you can find several offers for the same product. Of course, you will find a secure payment platform, with returns guarantees, and if you are Prime, with free shipping and faster delivery.
  • El Corte Ingles: the Spanish supermarket chain also has a technology section with some of the most popular brands, and the most current models of tablets. Their prices are not the lowest, but during Black Friday you could find some good deals, both when buying through their website and in the physical store.
  • Worten: The Portuguese technology-focused chain has several brands and models of tablets that you can find at great discounts during this Black Friday. Once again, you can also find offers in their physical stores throughout the islands and the Peninsula, or on their website.
  • Media Markt: you can choose both to buy online so that they can take it home or to buy it in any of its stores. Their prices are usually quite tight, hence their slogan: "I'm not stupid". During Black Friday it will also launch its discounts on tablets so that you can get one of them.
  • Carrefour: the French chain has a multitude of points of sale throughout all the Spanish provinces and large cities. If not, you also have the possibility to buy on their website and have the package sent to your home. This alternative to the previous ones has good prices, and succulent offers during this Black Friday.