Now you can recover your Facebook account without email, phone number or password

Now you can recover your Facebook account without email, phone number or password

The possibility that Facebook offers its users through which you can recover Facebook account without email, phone or password, It guarantees that you always have access to it, no matter what situations arise. Today we will talk to you about how you can recover your account in a few simple steps.

This simple way to recover access to your account provides users with a lot of security and peace of mind. Although of course, the ideal would be that from the beginning we are able to create passwords and offer secure information that ensures complete accessibility to our profiles on social networks.

Now you can recover your Facebook account without email, phone number or password Now you can recover your Facebook account without email, phone number or password

In most cases, it is extremely difficult to recover a Facebook account without email, phone number or password, unless of course you follow these steps:

  1. The first of all will be access this link that we provide you. This leads to a page that Meta has made available to its users to recover their accounts.
  2. You will be able to view a varied number of options, In this case, we recommend that you select the third one, "Someone created an account impersonating me or a friend."
  3. Then, you must mark “No.” as soon as you are questioned about whether you have an account on the platform or not.
  4. Additionally, you will be asked if you are being a victim of impersonation by said account.
  5. Given this question, you must answer affirmatively, that is, the alternative "Yes, I am the person they are impersonating."
  6. Then You will need to provide some personal information, such as: name and surname, the email to which you want the recovery code to be sent, as well as your ID or your device's identification document. Additionally, you will need to add the name of the account to which you have lost access.
  7. Also insert the link from your Facebook account.
  8. To finish, you will have to clarify the reason why you want your account recovery, and also the fact that you don't remember the password or your email address.

Once you have prepared this type of report, you will have to wait a few days for Facebook to send you a response or solution. All you have to do is have a little patience, since similar cases like yours unfortunately occur quite frequently.

What other methods are there to recover your Facebook account? Now you can recover your Facebook account without email, phone number or password

The above-mentioned method is generally the most effective, and only in rare cases does it not give results. But in case for any reason, you cannot recover your Facebook account this way, There are other ways that could also be of help to you.:

Use an email address and optional phone number.

If you previously used an alternate email address or phone number on your Facebook account, you may be able to recover it. For this, a few simple steps will be enough:

  1. Use a mobile device or computer through which you have logged into Facebook.
  2. You must add this link, in the browser of your choice, or simply click on it.
  3. Continue to follow the instructions provided to you carefully. Meta
  4. Here you will be shown all the information and data necessary to fully recover access to your account.

Verify that your phone number is correct

Sometimes We make big problems out of small mistakes, Incorrectly adding our phone number can happen more frequently than you imagine. Check these things before logging in:

  • When adding the number, you must include the telephone code of your country of residence. this is really important.
  • phone numbers only include digits, no characters, check this before thinking that you have lost access to your account.

Try to regain access to your email

If the source of the problem is that you have lost access to the email to which you associated your Facebook account, The logical thing would be for you to recover the first one. This way you would “kill two birds with one stone.”

Create a new Facebook account Create a new account

In cases where none of the methods we previously provided, which is not so common, The only solution would be to create a new account on the social network. Of course, exhaust each of the options we explain before trying this one.

So that you don't make the same mistakes that led you to this decision, The information you provide to create the new account will need to be updated and correct. Make sure you use an email account that you can access without difficulty, as well as your current mobile number. The password must be reliable, but at the same time easy for you to remember, you should not miss adding an alternative mobile phone and email address.

How can you prevent these problems? Meta

These situations are so complicated to resolve and annoying for users, They are at the same time so simple to prevent that it seems absurd that continue to occur so frequently. To avoid this, do the following:

  • Keep your passwords and information up to date of user, this way it will be more difficult to forget them.
  • Make sure that only you have access to your user information, We are not referring to both email and mobile number.
  • Something very important to facilitate the work of the platform when recovering the account is to use information such as your name and surname and actual date of birth.
  • The password you use It must be as safe as possible, A strong password should include upper and lower case letters, numbers, and other characters. It should also be easy for you to remember. Remember that you should not share it with anyone, especially with mobile applications or websites, no trustworthy site will request such information.
  • Always display you will have to log out after logging in on a communal computer.

The role of social networks when it comes to socializing today is practically indispensable. Today we will talk to you about How now you can recover your Facebook account without email, phone number or password. Let us know in the comments if these tips were helpful to you.

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