How noise canceling headphones work

Noise canceling headphones

Have you ever heard that expression that noise prevents us from hearing? Well it's true. And when we use headphones and they have a lot of noise, the sound quality declines, although this may seem paradoxical. Therefore, the new models of headphones work with noise cancellation so you can enjoy more and better the music or audio you want to listen to. 

In case you were wondering how this system works, in this article we are going to explain everything to you, so that you know what these headphones are like, what advantages they bring you and, also, to what extent it is worth investing in them. Also, do you really understand to what extent noise affects your ears and prevents you from hearing properly? After reading this post, it will become clearer to you.

Why does noise prevent you from hearing well?

How many times has it happened to us that we are in the middle of a concert and the phone rings. If, with luck, you hear it ringing, you take it out of your pocket or bag and pick up the call or press play on the WhatsApp audio, but nothing, you can't hear your interlocutor. 

Noise canceling headphones

The same happens if the person who sent you the audio or is calling you is immersed in a noisy environment. That audio was contaminated with noise and will be almost impossible to understand. Maybe later, if you're good at editing, you could clean up the noise and leave the audio clean so it's easier to listen to. But this requires editing, which means extra time and work, in addition to knowing how to handle the technology. In the end, you give up and let the audio play.

Imagine if that audio says something important that you will no longer be able to know, or if what has been contaminated with noise is an expensive project, a topic that you have to study, etc. Opportunities fly by little things like these that make a big difference between success and failure or, at least, between a moment of relaxation if it is a radio program, a podcast or a song that you have on the other side.

What if there was an automatic system that would allow you to clean up that noise automatically while I'm listening, without having to wait until later, or needing complex edits or stories? There is! Are the noise canceling headphones

How does noise cancellation work?

Noise canceling headphones

“Noise cancellation” sounds wonderful, pardon the redundancy of “it sounds,” but how is it done? The auriculares They have internal speakers that produce sound waves that cancel out the sound waves of the receiver. 

La Noise Cancellation It can be in two forms: passive or active. In the active cancellation, some are applied microphones that work by capturing and, subsequently, measuring sound waves in the environment. AND creates its own wave to neutralize the opposite wave. Thus the new wave prevents the outside wave from entering. 

This technology is much better and, in fact, guarantees excellent performance, which is why it is the method we find in high-quality headphones. 

Those other models that have a smaller budget or that try to alleviate the problem, without being able to afford to resort to such sophisticated technologies, settle for the passive noise cancellation, which is much more rudimentary. It consists of trying to cover or block noise entry using physical materials that act as a kind of stopper. The most used materials are foam or leather and, as you can imagine, there is no comparison between one system and the other, because with passive cancellation the noise is barely cleaned.

Noise canceling headphones: with or without cables

Speaking of options, we continue to show you more features that you can find depending on the headphone model, because you can find them in two types: with or without cables. Which one is preferable to choose? What differences are there between one and the other? 

Your preferences come into play here, because the truth is that the presence or absence of cables does not influence the quality of service and functionality of the headphones. Now, it obviously affects your comfort during use. Because wireless headphones give greater freedom of movement. 

The thing is that wireless ones, although they are more convenient, also run out faster and you will have to have a plug nearby to recharge them, which is also a pain. What compensates you more? It will depend on what you want them for and, above all, what you value most: moving freely or having autonomy for more hours? If it is the former, choose the wireless ones. If it is the latter, wired headphones will be better for you.

We have to tell you that wireless ones are also more expensive, in case it is another aspect that you want to consider when purchasing.

Is it worth buying noise canceling headphones?

If what you want is to know if you should buy some noise canceling headphones, you have to give the answer yourself, because you will have to analyze factors. It is another whim to invest in, however, they can be really useful if you are going to use them. 

If you always carry headphones with you (or would, if you have them), then yes, it will be worth it. And yes, you tend to be in noisy places, or you have to spend a lot of time listening to audio, definitely, too: the purchase will be a success, if you choose a good model. 

As an advantage, noise cancellation allows you to focus on the audio without distractions from the environment. Ideal for studying or to attend to a conversation, a syllabus that you have to learn or the enjoyment if you will listen to music or your favorite program.

There are people who usually listen to music while reading, while working or studying. For them, avoiding noise can be an interesting incentive, because noise distracts them more.

Now you know how noise canceling headphones work, the types there are and what are the advantages of using this type of devices. We have also given you the guidelines so that you can decide if you should buy one of these models or if, for the moment, you are satisfied with the headphones you have at home. Or do you already have some of these? Tell us your opinion. 

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