Instagram and Facebook lower prices in the version without ads

Instagram and Facebook lower prices in the version without ads

Are you desperate to put up with ads on your social media? If you want, you can have an ad-free version of your networks, although you will have to pay for it. This option has been around for a long time, although since it has a cost, most users prefer to settle for advertising and assume it as something natural in their daily lives while browsing each network. After all, we have ads everywhere: when we watch TV, when we search for information on the Internet, browsing any page and even when we ride the bus. But if you can't stand them, you have to know that Instagram and Facebook lower prices in the version without ads

Facebook has turned 20 years old and this is one of the new arrivals with which those responsible for both networks intend to brighten up the season, offering us the possibility of saying goodbye to advertisements on the ad-free version called Meta. Are you interested in the option? We explain how it goes.

What is the ad-free version?

The ad-free version, also called “Meta”, allows users to browse their Instagram or Facebook accounts peacefully and not get those annoying ads that make you feel like they're being spied on behind the screen. Do you like such a thing? Or did you not even hint that X thing might interest you and, suddenly, bang! There you have it: as if they had a spy camera installed that discovers even your most intimate desires, your social network shows you the advertising of yore. How is it possible? 

Instagram and Facebook lower prices in the version without ads

The secret is in the information you give while you browse, which is a lot, a lot, certainly infinitely more than you could imagine. And also, in the search algorithms that you make, that the Internet keeps, studies them and takes advantage of them by developing advertising for something that you might be needing or wanting to have. For example, are you a woman in your forties or approaching your forties? You will be bombarded by fertility ads and businesses that “help” you become a mother if you don't have children yet. 

If you give even the slightest hint that you have a son, a nephew, or that your best friend is going to be a mother, then they will show you ads for children's products, so you can't help but be tempted to want something that they show you to be charmingly useful, creative and fun for baby. 

It is the world of advertising, which takes advantage of everything, everything, absolutely everything to sell you the unimaginable. And it depends on how you take it. Sometimes, the truth is that they show us suggestions that are not bad at all and seeing advertising allows us to make interesting discoveries. This public thing isn't so bad either. 

Now, if you can't stand it and so many advertisements overwhelm you excessively, by paying, you can get rid of them. Of course, you will have to consider whether your head hurts more, watching ads, or your pocket, paying the fee, which is not cheap, by the way. Or at least, that's what users think and even Meta itself recognizes it. 

What is the price of the new quota for the ad-free version of Instagram and Facebook?

Instagram and Facebook lower prices in the version without ads

As we have said, to have the ad-free version of Instagram and Facebook you will have to subscribe. The good news is that prices have gone down. Before, not seeing ads cost you having to pay a fee of 9,99 euros. Now, it will cost you a little less. Even so, the new rate continues to cause adverse reactions among users, who, for the most part, are not willing to pay the fees either. 5,99 per month What does the subscription cost? 

Pay 6 euros a month to browse your social networks, something you have been doing for years and some users have even been doing for decades for free? No way! Watching ads can be tedious, I agree. But you get used to everything and we are already used to seeing advertisements. The “I'll take the free” policy has much more force than scratching your pocket to avoid seeing advertising, even though it offers you a much more relaxed experience. 

Although be careful, those 6 euros of subscription cover exclusively one of your accounts, that is, if you have more accounts, you will have to pay another 5 euros more for each of them to not see ads. 

Paid version or free version of your social networks

We have both options: pay or not pay. This is the question, although there seems to be no room for debate, at least until the rate suffers another significant drop. Because who is willing to pay 6 euros every month? Judging by the results, very few users. 

It should be added that this ad-free subscription option is relatively recent, as it was announced in October 2023 and, since then, there has already been a significant rate drop and the Meta team's own statement recognizing that the novelty is proving to be a real success. failure. If people don't even pay to subscribe to streaming services, to give a practical example, how are they going to pay simply to not watch ads? 

After all, a few ads a day aren't so bad either. And, since they spy on us even in our dreams, the reality is that many of these advertisements can even show us benefits. For example, ideas to give to your friend who has a birthday next month; gifts to honor your father, your grandmother or your sister; proposals to entertain your little ones or to enrich the emotional life of your dog. Recognize that, after all, on occasion you will have stumbled upon an interesting ad. 

In addition, we are already experts at swiping at maximum speed to skip the advertising, as soon as we see it appear out of the corner of our eye. And, by the way, those 70 euros that it costs you per year not to see ads, you can invest in some whim that you fancy, the ones that the advertising on your networks shows you, obviously. Isn't that such a bad idea?

Instagram and Facebook lower prices in the version without ads. You decide if you become a subscriber or, like most users, you prefer to get a taste for the personalized and daring advertising that appears. 

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