Instagram vetoes political content

Instagram bans political content 1

The use of any social network It implies abiding by its rules, which as a general rule are barely known since in most cases people agree to accept the conditions of use, without first having spent a few minutes reading them. This is the case of Instagram, one of the most used social networks in the world, which veto political content and that now it is important to know all the details about this point if you usually share this type of content.

Possibly, when thinking about political content posts, one of the doubts that first comes to mind is whether Will it affect the accounts of politicians and other public figures?. A question that is important to ask, and that we will see in more detail below.

Why does Instagram want to ban political content?

Instagram vetoes political content

Like much of this type of news, nothing is due to something fortuitous and coincidental, or that from one day to the next, GOAL has decided to opt for this limitation when sharing certain content of a political nature that may condition and influence users. 

Instagram, one of the social media most influential in the world, has taken very significant and important measures before the elecciones presidenciales in United States. In a recent announcement, the platform revealed its decision to hide and reduce the visibility of political content in an attempt to avoid controversies and polarization of society during this crucial political event.

This measure may motivate Tik Tok, the Instagram competitor Currently, you may have an excellent opportunity to attract dissatisfied users of the META social network, who sees in these limitations in the publications of political content a measure of censorship, more typical of dictatorial countries than of Western democracies. 

Therefore, the announcement of Instagram and Threads, owned by Meta, comes in response to the need for avoid controversy and polarization surrounding the upcoming presidential elections, especially the candidacy of Donald Trump, one of the most controversial characters who has a large number of followers, who actively publish and share political content, so this is a measure focused on maintaining the integrity of the platform and reduce the influence of politics in its recommendation algorithm.

What will the political blocking of publications on Instagram be like?

El Instagram ban The political content will be implemented mainly based on the user preference settings, allowing you to hide or reduce the visibility of the political content in your news feeds.

Although users will still be able to see political publications of the accounts they follow, Instagram will no longer actively recommend this type of content through its algorithms. This measure seeks to balance, although somewhat manipulated, the freedom of choice with the need to maintain a less tense environment and polarized on the platform. Something that can undoubtedly be difficult to achieve in such a disputed election.

Instagram's main objective against political posts 

As already mentioned Adam Mosseri, the current head of Instagram and previously of Facebook, has highlighted that the main objective of political blockade is not looking after the users who access the application every day, and preserving freedom of choice, promoting a healthier interaction with political content.

Although no specific details have been offered about How will it be determined what content will be considered political?, it is expected that issues related to the elections will be monitored especially. Therefore, the upcoming elections in the United States will be a good time to evaluate whether this measure really succeeds in reducing political tension in the social media.

Will this measure affect professional accounts? 

The announcement also includes implications for professional accounts on Instagram, like accounts of politicians and other public figures. Professional accounts in Instagram Those who want to be recommended directly to users, without any type of alteration or algorithm involved, will be able to verify their eligibility from the «account status«, and they will also have the option to edit or delete recent political posts.

Dangerous precedent 

Although this measure has been announced in the context of the elecciones presidenciales In the United States, Instagram is likely to continue to adapt its future approach to political content based on changing circumstances and community feedback.

It is expected that the definition of political content covers a wide range of governmental, electoral, legal and social issues, so it can be a dangerous precedent for a social network, which until now had not been so actively involved in trying to alter the operation of this application, nor the recommendations or content that is shared every day in one of the most popular and active rss from Internet.

In short, the one who Instagram go away and block the political content reflects a commitment to neutrality and balance on its platform, especially in the face of such crucial events as the presidential elections, where while it is true that it is necessary to mitigate polarization and promote a healthier interaction with political content, its implementation can give rise to doubts about objectivity and positioning of certain companies such as META.

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