What are the best days to post on Instagram

Best days to post on Instagram

Before, Instagram was a window to the world that many users, especially the youngest, decided to open to be seen by their friends and meet people, exhibiting their most endearing, happy, fun and creative moments. Or to show off good poses. Over time, this social network, like many others, has become a powerful dissemination channel capable of providing various benefits to its users who have become influencers or dream of becoming one. In these cases, it is important to control every detail to the millimeter, especially those related to the audience such as what are the best days to post on Instagram

Why publish just to publish in Instagram It's nonsense. What a job you have had with your fantastic photos and your creative stories! As if to let them go unnoticed. The latter cannot be conceived and we are not going to allow it. For this reason, we wanted to investigate fundamental details of the network to find out this question and give it an answer. 

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. best days to post on Instagram and that your publication is widely viewed and has a greater chance of success are these.

Best time to post on Instagram? Depends on your audience

We're sorry to have to start the article with such a vague answer, but that's how it is. We know that you would be waiting for a response like: the best day to make your publications is X day of the week and at X time. However, and I wish it were that simple, the issue is much more complex. 

best days to post on Instagram

Because we don't all have the same audience, we don't do the same thing, nor do we publish photos or stories on Instagram of the same style. And all this also influences when it comes to getting the right moment right. 

Think about it: it is not the same that your publications are intended for mothers with small children as they are intended for night lovers who live in bat mode, going out at dawn and sleeping during the day. It will also not be the same if a healthcare worker who works emergency shifts looks at your Instagram or if an electrician or civil servant does so. Each of them has their own pace of life and, therefore, their times and preferences for consulting the Internet. 

Take time to get to know your audience

Therefore, It is your audience who determines when is the best day and time slot to post on Instagram. Now, you are the one who should know your audience best, therefore, it won't be that difficult for you to get it right. Or maybe yes?

So now you know, if you want to create an account on the social network for more specific purposes than just showing off to whoever finds you, you will have to study well the audience you want to target, to know their habits. 

Because precisely this is the key: post when your followers are online or they will be soon, so that they don't miss a single one of your posts and you can quickly get those “Likes” and comments that you are waiting for.

Isn't there a general time to post successfully on Instagram?

Best days to post on Instagram

As we have explained before, there is no set day or time that works well for everyone, because each audience is different. Now, are you looking to know what the best time is, universally speaking? Are you looking forward to knowing that expert Internet data analysts have done a little work to make life easier for you, who are just a newbie and don't have time to look at statistics and rack your brains more than necessary? You have enough to invent your poses, your looks, your phrases and your fantastic publications and stories, right?

Well then here you go: The best day of the week to post on Instagram is Wednesday. And we tell you more, the best time is 11 am. We insist on what we have said before: that perhaps what works wonderfully for others, only works half-way for you or leads you to failure. So observe your audience a little because you are going to learn a lot about them and being an influencer or becoming popular with social networks also requires effort. 

What are the reasons? Well, as a general rule, midday, while you're taking a break from work or school, right in the middle of the morning and when you've finally shaken off your bum but your mind is already feeling tired from being active for hours, is the time. most chosen to pick up your cell phone or tablet and take a look at social networks. 

The best times to post on Instagram depending on the day

If you want to publish several times a week or even every day, you have to know that the best times to do so, always taking into account that it is a universal scale and that in your specific audience it may be another time slot, are the following.

Post to Instagram on Mondays

Starting by Mondayat 12 noon, that is, the time of the aperitif, late breakfast or early lunch is the best time to post on instagram.

When to post on Instagram on Tuesdays

If you plan post on tuesday and you are not very clear at what time your audience connects, take advantage of universal time and launch your publications around 9 in the morning. We don't know for sure why. But the truth is that interactions increase a lot on this day and in this time slot from 8 to 10. Although, the peak moment is precisely around 9.

Post on Thursdays

We have already seen when post on wednesday, so we go directly to Thursday. On this day, you have from 10 to 2 in the afternoon to post whatever you want. 

Fridays and Saturdays we are early risers

Paradoxically, the Fridays and Saturdays We look at Instagram early. Although many people do not work on Saturday, they take advantage of that morning relaxation to watch networks. You can be successful practically throughout the entire morning.

On Sunday, win the afternoon

Perhaps because on Sunday we take more advantage to go out with family or friends during the day and when the afternoon falls we return to our refuge, looking to rest our last hours of relaxation and kill time or nostalgia for the end of the weekend. Therefore, on this day it is better if you publish in the afternoon.

Now you know what are the best days to post on instagram and the best times for your posts to be seen the most and receive the most interaction. 

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