Convertible tablet

Having a convertible tablet, or 2 in 1, is one of the smartest choices for home or work. The reason is that you will not have to purchase two separate devices, with just one you will have the best of both worlds: tablet and laptop. That is, you can enjoy all the mobility that the tablet gives you with its touch screen or add a keyboard so that it becomes a practical laptop with which you can write comfortably. You can even add a digital pen and increase the possibilities even more... In short, one of the mobile devices more versatile that exist, designed for everything and everyone. From enjoying navigation, gaming and multimedia content with the family, or to work, study, etc. In this guide you will be able to know everything you need from convertibles and how you can choose the best ones ...

Convertible Tablets Comparison

We have analyzed the best brands and models of convertible tablets, taking into account their quality, performance and features. With all this information, a list has been made with some of the best valued by users.

The best convertible tablets

HP Pavilion x360

The mythical HP brand also has some very interesting convertibles. These teams allow greater flexibility in terms of use. So you will have an HP laptop with Windows 11 Home, but with a touch screen to transform it into a practical tablet when you are interested. All thanks to a strong magnetic hinge to convert from one mode to another easily and quickly. As for the finishing materials, they are quite good, with a stylish and compact design. Of course, not everything is aesthetic, you will also have all the guarantee and service offered by this North American firm. A 14-inch high-quality screen IPS type, with a weight similar to that of an ultrabook, SSD hard drive from 512 GB to 1 TB, 8-16 GB of RAM, and a powerful Intel Core i5 or i7 microprocessor to choose from. That is, the power of a laptop, with the functions of a tablet, and with a price that can be between 300 and 400 euros depending on the model chosen.

Microsoft Surface Go 3

With this other model we can have the best of both worlds, a laptop with a keyboard and a tablet with a touch screen. This is something that gives it a lot of versatility. Its screen is 10.5 inches in size, with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels. It has a good image quality.

It uses a new generation, high-performance Intel Core i3 CPU, in addition to having a 8 GB RAM and a 128 GB SSD internal storage, although there are other configuration options, even with a SIM card for LTE connectivity. Finally, the battery gives us about 9 hours of autonomy.

Apple iPad Pro

Unlike the two previous computers, the iPad Pro is a tablet as such, but it can also be included in the convertible unit thanks to its features and the ability to add an external keyboard. This tablet is like an iPad, but enhanced to improve its power, autonomy and that it can be used even in business environments, or for those who are more demanding. This tablet has one of the most elegant designs on the market, always minimalist as Apple is accustomed to, and with an enviable build quality, which will make it last longer than any other brand thanks to the strict quality control to which this firm subjects its products. His powerful M2 chip It gives you exceptional processing and graphics performance to enjoy all types of software fluidly. No waiting. In addition, it has a battery capable of giving one of the best autonomy on the market. And it comes equipped with iPadOS, one of the most robust, stable and secure mobile operating systems. This tablet has a 12.9 inch, which is a great monstrosity inside tablets, to be able to see everything in a big way. The panel is Liquid Retina XDR, with TrueTone and ProMotion to improve image quality and color. In addition, it has a high resolution and pixel density.

What is a convertible tablet

convertible tablet with windows 11 Una convertible tablet It is a device that can work as a laptop at any given time and as a tablet if you prefer. That is, it includes the best of both worlds, preventing you from having to buy two products. This can not only help you save space at home or in the office, but it will also save you from having to invest in two separate devices and save some money. These tablets have hardware that can be similar to that of any laptop or ultrabook, making them more powerful than conventional tablets. And they also usually come equipped with Microsfot Windows operating system, so you can install the same programs and video games that you have on your PC. Its keyboard will allow you to write comfortably as you would on a conventional laptop, and use the touchpad as a mouse. However, if you prefer to lighten it, you can remove the keyboard and leave only the touch screen, to act as a tablet, and thus improve mobility ...

Advantages of a convertible tablet

A convertible tablet usually has a number of advantages and disadvantages. Their most notable advantages are:

  • The dimensions of these computers are usually more compact than those of conventional laptops, similar to ultrabooks in some cases and even better in others. So that means more mobility.
  • The autonomy is greater than in many conventional tablets, which is also an advantage.
  • By having hardware like that of a laptop, the performance will be much higher than that of a pure tablet.
  • With the Windows operating system you can also install all the software that you generally use on your PC, and even use virtualization or emulator to make use of Android apps, etc.
  • Its touch screen will allow you to operate the system in a comfortable way when you want to do without the keyboard.
  • By integrating a keyboard and touch pad, you can play video games and write long texts with ease, without the hassle of using the on-screen keyboard.

Tablet or convertible?

tablet convertible into laptop Many users will have the doubt whether a conventional tablet or a convertible is better for them. The answer it will depend on your needs. In fact, there are non-convertible tablets that can be transformed into convertibles by adding an external Bluetooth keyboard. However, you will not have many of the advantages of those that are convertible and that I mentioned in the previous section. For example, if you already have a laptop at home, you may prefer a conventional tablet. On the other hand, if you don't have one and would like have a tablet and laptop, the convertible will allow you to have both.

Differences between convertible tablet and convertible laptop

In some cases there is no differenceThey are simply talking about the same thing, in fact they are convertible laptops. This is the case of the aforementioned convertibles, with the exception of the iPad Pro, which in this case can be included in the category of touch. So that you don't make a mess, you have to stick with these concepts:

  • Convertible tablet or convertible laptop: Refers to a 2-in-1 or convertible laptop, that is, a hybrid computer with a touch screen and that can be detached from the keyboard or can be folded for use in tablet mode. In these cases, a Windows operating system is usually used, with more powerful hardware than in a conventional tablet, with AMD or Intel chips, SSD hard drives, more RAM, etc.
  • Conventional tablet + keyboard- This is simply a normal tablet with an external keyboard added. In these cases, the keyboard is not part of the equipment, but rather an accessory or peripheral that is added. They tend to use systems like iPadOS, Android, etc., and with more modest hardware designed for efficiency rather than performance, like ARM chips.

How to choose a convertible tablet

cheap convertible tablet In order to choose a good tablet or convertible, you should be aware of more than just the make and model. You should look at technical characteristics essential so that they have a good performance and you do not end up disappointed by the purchase. To make the right choice, you can analyze the following parameters:

Operating System

In a convertible you usually have several possibilities, although the most common are:

  • Windows: you have the same that you can have on your PC, so you can install all the programs and video games that you usually find on a desktop or laptop. That opens up a lot of possibilities, so it can be a great option for work or leisure.
  • ChromeOS: this operating system stands out for being robust as a rock, stable and very secure. It was designed by Google, and is fully compatible with native Android apps. Also, Google's cloud services are well integrated, for ease. It could be exceptional for students or people who want a platform that they don't worry about at all.

Generally, if you have Android it will not be a hybrid, but rather a conventional tablet equipped with a keyboard. The same is true for iPadOS, although in the case of iPad Pro you have to make an exception, since they have endowed that device with hardware that changes everything.


It is another factor to take into account. Generally, if it is a hybrid, and not a tablet with a keyboard, they usually have more than 12 ″ of size. That makes them outperform conventional tablets, being friendlier for reading, streaming, video games, etc. The type of panel should not obsess you too much, both the IPS technologies that are seen in most and the OLEDs are quite good.


The battery is also essential in a convertible tablet, since it is a device that should allow you to have good mobility. Many models have autonomies more than 9 o'clock. The more, the better, since it will allow you to work hours and hours without having to charge the battery.


Generally you will find equipment of this type with processors Intel Core i3 or i5 or i7 (or AMD equivalents), which means they will have pretty good performance. They also tend to have a good ratio of RAM and high-capacity SSD hard drives. In the case of the iPad Pro, there is also an M1, which also guarantees high performance. But be careful with some low-performance ARM-based SoCs, or processors like Atom, Celeron, Pentium, etc., as they could be a small thing for some applications ...

Additional characteristics

convertible tablet for drawing A convertible tablet should also have other additional features that may come in handy. For example, that they are compatible with digital pencils to take notes by hand, draw, underline, color, etc. And, of course, they have a good connectivity. This ranges from the available ports, such as USB, HDMI, sound jack, to microSD card slot, Bluetooth and WiFi. Thanks to them you can easily connect accessories and peripherals, external screens, etc. Finally, don't forget to keep an eye on other features, such as speakers and microphone integrated, its power and quality, or its integrated webcam. All of this is important if you are going to use the equipment for multimedia and video calls ...

Help and support

Beware of some strange brands, they may not have service technical assistance in Spanish, and that they do not have repair centers in Spain either. You should always choose the best-known brands that do have infrastructure spread across almost all countries and that give you support in your language. This way, when something happens, you will always have all the guarantees. Brands such as Apple, HP, ASUS, Lenovo, Surface (Microsoft), Samsung, etc., have support, so there would be no problem purchasing any of their products. You will always have the best guarantees.

Best convertible tablet brands

If you want to see other alternatives on the market, you can also pay attention to these other brands of convertible tablets or tablets with keyboard:


It is a Chinese brand that has more and more followers. It has become one of the best-selling products on platforms like Amazon. This firm offers fantastic value for money in tablets with a keyboard such as the Ubook and the Hi10 X. Its hardware is not the highest performing, but it is sufficient for most users. It has Windows 10 operating system, keyboard and digital pen included.


This North American brand is one of the heavyweights in the technology sector. You can choose several models of convertibles among their products, and they will adapt to all your needs. From the Pavilion x369, to the Specter x360 series, or the Elite, to the convertible ChromeBook. Without a doubt equipment with quality, robustness, performance, and with the latest technology.


This Chinese tech giant is another top pick if you're looking for something great value for money. It offers a lot for the price that these devices have, and it has very smart solutions like the X1 Yoga, among others. They can even be great solutions for business environments.

Microsoft Surface

The Surface brand is a registered trademark of Microsfot for the sale of portable equipment, among others. These are ultrabooks, some of them convertible, and also tablets with a keyboard. All of them with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system (upgradeable to 11), and with chips from both Intel and AMD and also some based on ARM designed by Microsoft itself in collaboration with Qualcomm. The best thing about these devices is that they are the perfect alternative to Apple's, with similar quality, design and durability, and with truly impressive performance and autonomy.


It's the other big one. Those of Cupertino compete with those of Redmond in this sector, their iPad Pro is a very tough rival for the Surface. With almost unbeatable quality, performance and autonomy. Like Microsoft, Apple also has specific accessories for these convertible computers, such as its famous Magic Keyboard, or the Apple Pencil.

Is it worth buying a convertible tablet? Opinion

convertible tablet Tablets or convertibles may be priced higher than a conventional tablet or a tablet with an added keyboard. That is true, but they also contribute much more than a conventional tablet. As I explained in the advantages, they have hardware with superior performance, and other advantages that you will not find in a normal tablet. Therefore, if you are looking for something more than a mobile device, and you want to have a good tool for leisure and work in a single computer, yes it's worth it. Also the price of these devices is not that high if you take into account that you are acquiring two computers for one. That is, if you add what a conventional tablet costs and what a normal laptop costs, the resulting total will not be too far from the final price of some of these convertibles ...