Cyber ​​Monday 2023 on Tablets

You already know that Cyber ​​Monday deals on tablets They are going to give us another chance to get a good price in case we missed Friday's, and there are a few that have nothing to envy from last week's. We review the most interesting that can be found depending on the type of tablet that you are looking for.

Cyber ​​Monday offers on tablets to consider

Here is a selection of the best Cyber ​​Monday deals on Tablets:

Tablet brands that we can buy cheaper on Cyber ​​Monday


The Chinese giant Huawei has expanded its business around the world, with special attention to the European and Spanish markets. This firm has decades of innovation and technological advancement to equip its devices with the best. Their tablets stand out for having quite adjusted prices and features with which you should not envy the most expensive brands. If you like their models, don't give up on the Cyber ​​Monday offers.


Cyber ​​Monday offer Apple 2022 iPad 10,9...

Apple is one of the best valued brands in the world, thanks to the design, exclusivity, quality and performance of its devices. In addition, they are packed with innovative features and functions to make life more comfortable and productive for users, and with a stable, robust and secure operating system. A luxury in the world of tablets and that you can get even for hundreds of euros less during Cyber ​​Monday.


Cyber ​​Monday offer Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 ...

The South Korean brand has become one of the benchmarks in the world of technology. It has some of the most advanced processes for the manufacture of electronic devices, and with cutting-edge technologies. This is noticeable in their tablets, which can be a magnificent high-end alternative to those of Apple and with the Android operating system. If you want one of them, remember that on Cyber ​​Monday you can get them for up to 20% less.


Cyber ​​Monday offer Lenovo Tab M10 Plus (3rd...

It is the other major producer of technology devices in China. The company is a leader in the supercomputing sector, and also has great shares in the world of PC and mobile devices. They even had actor Ashton Kutcher among their ranks. As for the technology in them, the truth is that their tablets offer a lot, with an excellent value for money. In addition, you will find very innovative models that can serve as a tablet and as a smart speaker at the same time. And now with discounts on Cyber ​​Monday.


Cyber ​​Monday offer Xiaomi Redmi Pad SE...

Xiaomi is also another of the Chinese tech giants, which has expanded with a wide variety of sub-brands across all sectors. Its tablet models stand out for their attractive design, quality, performance, and lower prices. It is no coincidence that they resemble those of Apple, since that is what they intend from this firm, to be the low-cost Apple. And they will be even cheaper on Cyber ​​Monday, with discounts of around 30%.

The Surface Pro, protagonist of the offers in Windows tablets

If we are interested in Windows tablets, the most interesting offers are starring in the Surface Pro. In this particular case, in fact, today's discounts are better than Friday's, in fact. On the one hand, Microsoft continues to offer us a pack with discounts for models with Intel Core m3 and Intel Core i5, but it has lowered the price of this second by no less than 100 euros more, leaving it at 900 Euros. But, on the other hand and even more interesting, among the Amazon Cyber ​​Monday deals, we have the same pack for only 860 Euros.

When is Cyber ​​Monday 2023

Cyber ​​Monday 2023 arrives just the following Monday of Black Friday. This year that will be on november 27. It is a global event that many online stores have pulled up their sleeves to attract customers with succulent offers, and thus attract all those who could not get the products they wanted on Black Friday.

This day you can buy a multitude of items of all kinds, including tablets, with discounts similar to those that occur on Black Friday. But you will only find these discounts in online stores, such as the Amazon platform, among other sales websites such as Fnac, Mediamarkt, PCComponentes, Alternate, etc. Therefore, it offers greater comfort, without having to get up from the sofa, or get up early, or queue in stores.

Another great date to mark on your shopping calendar and in which you can buy what you need, saving even hundreds of euros. In addition, you can not only indulge yourself, but also advance purchases of gifts for Christmas and thus also save on this.

Black Friday vs Cyber ​​Monday

El Black Friday, or Black Friday, is one of those annual opportunities to buy everything you need with significant discounts. Some may be longer than the so-called VAT-free days, which are limited to a 21% discount. If you are attentive to this day in any store, both small and large physical, as well as online, you will see that bargains appear before your sight that you will not be able to miss. However, sometimes it is difficult to get what you are looking for on this day, either because the specific model does not enter a flash offer, because it has sold out, or because it forgot that it was Black Friday. The positive thing is that, more and more stores, such as Amazon, extend their offers beyond this Friday in November, and you can even find some interesting promotions on the days of the week before, during the weekend after and culminate with Cyber ​​Monday. .

El Cyber ​​Monday, or Cyber ​​Monday, is another great opportunity, similar to the previous Friday, but limited to the digital environment, that is, to sales websites, and not to physical stores. This day was implemented much later than Black Friday, and it arrived in Spain not many years ago, since e-commerce has had a more recent boom. That is why it is not as popular as the previous Friday, but this makes it almost even more interesting, since there will not be as many users thirsty for offers selling out the products as on Friday.

For customers it is an opportunity to buy what they need, or acquire gifts for Christmas, and save on purchases. For businesses, on the other hand, they do not mean losses by leaving everything cheaper than usual, but quite the opposite. These are days when sales and income skyrocket.

Despite the similarities between Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, there are some essential differences. On both days you can buy all kinds of products, from the main brands, and with discounts that can range from 5 or 10%, to some that exceed 20 or 30%, reaching much higher percentages in certain places. But the way to buy is very different on both days, since one involves going to the large shopping centers and stores to buy, and the other you ask for it on the web and they will deliver it to your home. This also implies another derived difference, and that is that in Black you have it at the moment, and in Cyber ​​it may take a few days to arrive. This can be a handicap if you need it now.

However, when you have no choice but to buy what you are looking for in electronic commerce, Cyber ​​Monday is crucial to save and get a multitude of bargains. Also, if you spent the day glued to the Black Friday offers and did not get what you wanted or it sold out, this Monday is your second chance to buy.

In short, there is no better day than another, both have their advantages and disadvantages, and in both you will find fantastic offers. Even many users see them as complementary, and on Black Friday they buy some things and on Cyber ​​Monday others ...

Cyber ​​Monday on tablets

new compact Fire tablets

During Cyber ​​Monday 2023, on November 27, you can find a multitude of products in online stores with discounts that transform them into bargains. Take the opportunity to buy your tablets this day and save large sums of money, as well as being able to buy all kinds of discounted accessories, such as covers, screen protectors, digital pencils, etc. That is, products that tend to be major expenses during any other day, and that you can get for much less, sometimes with prices of refurbished tablets (but they are new).

Keep in mind that tablets can have prices ranging from € 100 for the cheapest low-end, to € 800 or € 900 in some cases for the high-end. With discounts of 10-20% applied to these prices, it translates into savings that can reach hundreds of euros, which is not bad at all. In fact, many users take advantage of these days to buy exclusive products such as Apple's iPad, a premium device that could not be allowed during another day of the year due to its high prices, but that fall within the budget on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

For those who are looking for more mid-range tablets, there are a few options to consider. El Corte Inglés, a small discount on its usual price but worth taking into account; the third is the MediaPad T5 10 by 130 Euros, another offer that we already saw on Black Friday and difficult to beat if we are looking for a cheap reliable 10-inch tablet.

We finish with recommendations for those who are looking for a cheap tablet, because two of the most interesting offers on Black Friday repeat Cyber ​​Monday: on the one hand, we have the Amazon tablets, Since the Four 7 can be purchased for 50 Euros and Fire 8HD by 80 Euros; on the other hand, Lenovo Tab 4 7 Essential, continues to be found today in El Corte Inglés for only 70 Euros.

Cyber ​​Monday iPad and Apple

Cyber ​​Monday offer Apple 2022 iPad 10,9...

Apple products have really expensive prices, and it is that it is premium technology, and the brand of these devices is paid. However, Cyber ​​Monday opens the possibility of having one of these objects of desire for many fans of technology, but at a bargain price. Even if you had the budget for an iPad, taking advantage of these offers you could buy a model iPad Pro for the same price, which is a very important jump in benefits without investing a penny more. With it you will have an advanced entertainment center for the whole family and a powerful work tool, which is also safe and reliable.

On platforms like Amazon, or Fnac, you will find very good offers on the iPad these days. Choose your favorite model, your favorite color, and in a few hours you will have it at home, that's how comfortable it is this Cyber ​​Monday ...

Where to get tablet deals for Cyber ​​Monday

cyber monday tablets

In order to get the best deals on tablets during Cyber ​​Monday, many online sales platforms will launch their own offers. Even some stores that have physical premises also launch offers on their sales website: 
  • Amazon: This American sales platform is the favorite of many people, since in it you can find all the brands of tablets mentioned above and many others, with current models and even models from previous years much cheaper. You can even find several offers for the same product, so you are guaranteed to get the best bargains with their flash offers during Cyber ​​Monday 2021. In addition, you always have the support of a giant like this, guaranteeing safe purchases, easy returns, and If you are Prime, you can save shipping costs and the packages will arrive at your home much earlier.
  • El Corte Ingles: The Spanish chain of stores does not exactly stand out for its low prices, but on days like Tecnoprices, or Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, you can also see interesting offers in its technology section. Buy the best brands and models of tablets discounted in their web store during this day, and you will win.
  • Worten: This other chain specialized in technology also has its website for online sales, which will be charged with low prices during Cyber ​​Monday. That offers you a good opportunity to buy tablets from the best known brands with recent models for less than what they usually cost. The Portuguese chain also offers a secure purchase with assistance in almost any need.
  • Media Markt: The slogan of this German technology chain is "I am not stupid", and refers to the competitive prices they have for all their products, including tablets. But if you add to that that days like Cyber ​​Monday, its website is full of discounts with important%, the smart purchase is guaranteed.
  • Carrefour: the Gala chain also started selling online with its own website. This important sales chain has a technology section with some of the best models and brands of tablets waiting for you, and with significant discounts for Cyber ​​Monday that you will not find in their physical stores. Ask for what you need and they will bring it home, even if you don't have one of these close to home.