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Oppo AI

Do you have an Oppo device? Then you're in luck, because AI is being integrated into these phones and tablets to allow users to do amazing things with them. Summarize your phone calls, clean your photographs of elements that should not appear in the image because they get you in trouble or spoil the aesthetics of the composition and more, much more. Discover what Oppo AI can do for you in this article. 

For the moment, it will only be the holders of Reno and Find series devices those who will be able to try this magnificent experience. And why this? Well, such injustice for those who do not have either of these two models in their hands is because they will be the only ones who will be able to endure, for now, the operating system that allows these wonders. Is about ColorOS AI New Year Edition, the system that incorporates new functions supported by the Artificial Intelligence in the Find and Reno series

But from time to time, because surely if you are new arrivals triumph, it won't be long before we see the same surprises in other device models, including tablets. For now, we wanted to test this Oppo AI. And below we are going to explain everything it can give you. 

What new features does the ColorOS AI New Year Edition operating system incorporate in the Oppo?

Oppo AI

After knowing the news that the chosen Oppo Find and Reno will be offering to their users, you may consider upgrading your old devices and getting one of these renewed models. The truth is that these new functions are just a few but very useful. Let's see.

Summarize phone calls

Many times you have wished to have a summary of your phone calls to remember details of them, right? This is the advantage that WhatsApp audios have, that what they tell you or what you say stays there, in the audios or in the texts and you can review it if you have any doubts. However, they often call you on the phone and perhaps it is that friend who acts like a person and tells you non-stop about the life, work and miracles of half the neighborhood. So much information that your head ends up getting confused and in the end you don't remember almost anything she told you. For these situations, the call summaries

The same on other occasions where the conversation takes on special importance. For example, if it is an interview or job proposal; or the guidelines to follow from your doctor and other relevant calls like that. Having the possibility of obtaining a summary of the call at hand is a great utility that can get you out of more than one trouble. 

Of course, you have to remember to activate the call resume function, right at the moment the phone rings and before picking up. When you finish speaking (or listening), you can consult the text file that was generated summarizing what was said during the conversation.

Xiaobu Photo Studio

Another of the services that Oppo will provide with its AI through ColorOS AI New Year Edition is to generate images. You will do it with the tool Xiaobu Photo Studio. This instrument generate images, create cards and allows you Edit images To improve them, even delete objects so that they are not present in your photographs. 

Users of one of these Oppo Find or Reno that have the ColorOS AI New Year Edition operating system will be able to use the Xiaobu Photo Studio tool completely free of charge. 

Virtual assistant

Oppo AI

With the Oppo ColorO AI New Year Edition virtual assistant  you can even create dialogues that are very realistic and can be used to resolve questions, to consult or send instructions or to access applications. 

Will this AI service for Oppo reach our hands?

It is the million-dollar question that many users who are wanting to try the Oppo news. But the reality is that no one knows, because this operating system was born on the occasion of the celebration of the Chinese New Year, as a gift or surprise from the brand. Hence its name from its operating system: ColorOS AI New Year Edition, which suggests something like a limited edition. However, it would be a shame if something so useful remained exclusively a test or temporary surprise.

Little else is known about it and the only thing we can clarify for you is that, currently, only China enjoys AI integrated into its devices and only users of Find series models X7, X7 Ultra, X6, 

The rest of us were left with honey on our lips wanting to try the experience. It is to be imagined that, if the success is what they expect, they will end up being convinced to launch this same system on the market adapted to other device models, to cover all mobile phones and tablets, at least the new models that are coming onto the market. .

Of course, its launch was on February 10, coinciding with the inauguration of the Chinese year, which this year is represented with the figure of a mythical animal such as the Dragon, specifically, the Wooden Dragon, which is a symbol of abundance and evolution. 

Contributions of AI to mobile phones and tablets

Artificial Intelligence makes it possible for your device to activate and start working with a single touch. It can even scan and extract information with text and images or make the backgrounds of your photos disappear to get creative and personalized photographs. 

There are many functionalities that AI brings us and we will increasingly have more advanced devices, easy to use and very complete, so that with a mobile phone or tablet in your hands, you have the world at your feet. After all, that's what technology was invented for: to make our lives easier and improve it in every way possible.

This is everything Oppo's AI can do for you, although only a lucky few are enjoying the most innovative operating system, in China. Shall we go to China? Surely more than one tech-addicted user seriously considers it. 

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