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TabletZona.es It is an AB Internet website. On this website we take care of sharing all the latest news about tablets and technology. Since it was launched in 2008, TabletZona It has become the reference website for tablets in the world.

The editorial team of TabletZona is made up of a group of technology experts. If you also want to be part of the team, you can send us this form to become an editor.



    • Theresa Bernal

      Graduate in Journalism and lover of literature, I have been a digital journalist for more than a decade. I dare with all topics, because my work depends on this, but the topic of technology is especially motivating, because, would we be without them? That's why I dedicate myself to writing about Android tablets and applications, to share with you my discoveries, advice and experiences. I love trying the latest innovations and comparing them with the previous ones, to see how this fascinating sector evolves. Furthermore, I like to stay up to date with the most relevant trends and news about the digital world, and analyze how they affect our society and our way of communicating. My goal is to offer quality, useful and entertaining content that helps you get the most out of your devices and your favorite applications.

    • Ivan Menendez

      Passionate about the latest trends and news in all types of tablets and gadgets on the market, as well as advice, guides and implementations on all types of technological devices. Because of my work, creating content for my clients on social networks, I am up to date with the latest technological developments, as well as their possible applications that can be made to facilitate our daily lives, whether for work or leisure reasons. I try to offer the best information, in the most enjoyable and accessible way possible, but without forgetting the necessary professional rigor, especially when it comes to announcing news about technological topics, such as the most recommended applications to have on our tablets, a tool essential today.

    • Andy

      I can't help but be fond of being able to model your device to your liking. The Android operating system allows us to be full owners of our devices and customize them with our unique style. For this reason, for years I have been a faithful user of Android devices and an enthusiast of their features. If, like me, you love technology, you are surely interested in being aware of every news and new releases, I can provide you with all this information in a simple and easy-to-understand way. Come by for honest reviews and tips to achieve an optimized experience and get the most out of these devices. My intention is to guide you through the fascinating world of this operating system.

    Former editors

    • Javier GM

      Since I was little, I have been interested in sociology and technology. For this reason, I decided to study a degree and DEA in Sociology at the Complutense University of Madrid, where I learned to analyze social phenomena from different perspectives. I like to stay up to date with the latest technology and try all kinds of devices and applications. My specialty is tablets and Android apps, about which I write articles and reviews for different media. In addition to tablets, I have other hobbies such as video games, science fiction and Formula 1, which allow me to disconnect and have fun. I consider myself a curious, creative person and open to new challenges and experiences. I love learning new things and sharing my knowledge with others.

    • Eduardo Muñoz

      From an early age, I have always loved exploring the intersection between technology and communication. My first encounter with a tablet was like a curious child, amazed by the touch screen and the infinite possibilities it offered. Since then, my fascination with these devices has only grown. After studying Communication and Journalism, I decided to immerse myself in the digital world. I learned about SEO, keywords and copywriting. My passion for technology led me to specialize in this field. I have had the privilege of working with leading brands in the industry. From detailed reviews to buying guides, I've created content that helps users make informed decisions. My personal experience with different tablet models allows me to offer authentic opinions and practical advice.

    • Henry MP

      Hello! I am Carlos, a passionate content writer and technology lover. With 23 years behind me, I consider myself a budding journalist and writer, always looking for new stories to tell. My fascination with tablets began when, as a child, I took apart my first computer to explore its circuitry and understand how it worked. Since then, I have closely followed the evolution of mobile technology and, in particular, tablets. I love diving into their technical specifications, comparing models and discovering the latest news on the market. As a future Political Science student, I also find it interesting to analyze how technology impacts our society and how tablets have become essential tools for communication, entertainment and work.

    • luke cross

      I'm Lucas, passionate about technology and the Android world. For more than five years, I have been writing on my personal blog about the latest news in tablets, applications, games and tricks to get the most out of your device. I also collaborate with other digital media and specialized magazines, where I share my analysis, opinions and advice about the sector. I like to stay up to date with trends, try new products and share my experience with my readers. Since then, I have spent countless hours researching, testing and analyzing the latest developments in the tablet space. My experience has been forged in the whirlwind of reviews, comparisons and tutorials that I have created.

    • Carlos Martínez

      Passionate about technology, video games and cooking (not necessarily in that order), he has been writing about gadgets and analyzing all types of consumer electronics products for more than 15 years, which means he has more than 15.000 behind him. articles published in numerous media. He has covered tech shows around the world so many times that he knows every hotel in Las Vegas (and its restaurants) by heart, and despite having seen almost everything, he continues to unbox in the hope of continuing to find products that surprise him. . He is able to watch Interstellar hundreds of times and play Indiana Jones and The Fate of Atlantis over and over again without getting tired, although his latest obsession is collecting retro PC games in Big Box format.

    • Drita

      You may wonder what a psychologist is doing writing about technology, but it has been more than 15 years since she herself stopped asking that question. During that time, Drita has not stopped trying gadgets, traveling around the world and visiting every gadget fair worth her salt to continue enjoying what she likes most: talking about how technology is capable of changing our lives. If you ask her, she will confess that she is a true foodie with a sybaritic air, that she doesn't like reading science fiction but that Dune is one of her favorite books, and that, no matter how many years pass, no sitcom will ever surpass Friends.

    • Alex Gutierrez

      Hello! I am Alexandra Gutiérrez, a passionate content writer with an unwavering love for technology. As an editor, I have had the privilege of immersing myself in the universe of tablets. I've researched their technical features, compared models, and written detailed reviews to help readers make informed decisions. My goal is to transmit knowledge in a clear and accessible way, without losing sight of the excitement I feel when discovering each innovation. In my free time, I immerse myself in science fiction novels and essays on technology. I firmly believe that technology should be a tool to improve our lives and connect people. Therefore, when I write about tablets, I seek to highlight their usefulness, their versatility and how they can enrich our daily experience. I am a dreamer who believes in the impossible, and in this vast digital world, tablets are a window to infinite possibilities. So here I am, sharing my passion and knowledge in the hope of inspiring others to explore this exciting sector.

    • Ignatius Hall

      My passion for technology and mobile devices comes from when I had my first smartphone. Since then, I have used iOS and Android, both mobile and tablet versions. I have witnessed how both operating systems have been improving and adapting to the needs of users. I don't choose either, and I think both have their advantages and disadvantages. I love experimenting and comparing different tablet models, from the most popular ones like iPads. I also like to explore and recommend the best apps for each operating system, both the most useful and the most fun.

    • Caesar Leon

      I am an editor passionate about tablets and Android applications. My hobby began when I discovered games on Android 3.0, a version that opened the doors to a world of possibilities. Over time, my curiosity led me to explore other aspects of this operating system, such as programming, design, and security. Now I not only play games but also create my own apps and share them with the community. Every day I learn something new and I continue to enjoy the evolution of Android as a user and professional. I have worked as a content writer in different online media making user guides for more than 5 years. I love sharing my knowledge and experiences with readers, and helping them get the most out of their devices.

    • Eder Ferreno

      I love Marketing and content writing. Now I live in Amsterdam, a city full of charm and color although I was born in Bilbao. My passion is to travel the world, write about my experiences, read all kinds of books and watch interesting movies. I am also a technology fanatic and am fascinated by the world of smartphones and tablets, always up to date with news and advances. I am a faithful follower of the Android operating system and I like to explore its possibilities, wanting to learn and know more every day to be able to transmit it to my readers.

    • Alberto González

      I am passionate about gadgets and technology. I am dedicated to writing content for different technology blogs, where I share my opinions, analysis, advice and news about this sector. I like to stay up to date with the latest tablet trends and models, as well as applications and accessories that improve their performance and functionality. I also enjoy testing and comparing different brands and operating systems, to offer readers an objective and critical view of each product. I have experience in the field of communication and digital marketing, which allows me to create quality, original content adapted to the target audience.