Goodtel Tablet

Goodtel It is an unknown brand for many. It is one of those cheap brands that offer very cheap products, but without lowering the quality, or neglecting what they offer. In fact, these tablets usually have quite good sales figures on Amazon, because users who try them leave very good opinions about them, taking into account that they are low-cost tablets. In addition, another interesting thing is that they come in packs with many accessories included.

Is Goodtel a good brand of tablets?

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It is a brand of cheap tablets, This should indicate that you cannot expect benefits like those of the most expensive brands, but they do have very good reliability and quality for the price they have. And if you add all the accessories included in the pack (digital pen, external keyboard, case, ...), it is something very positive that makes the Goodtel a great option if you are not looking for anything special.

Many users have already bought and tested these Goodtel tablets, with very positive opinions, satisfied with the purchase they have made. It works as expected from such a tablet, without any unpleasant surprises ...

What operating system does a Goodtel tablet have?

Goodtel tablets, like the vast majority, have chosen to include the Android OS. This Google system comes with all GMS services, without any limitation. Therefore, you will enjoy everything you can expect from Android, with its Google Play, Chrome, YouTube, Maps, GMAIL, etc.

And something very positive is that, unlike other cheap tablets that usually have outdated versions of the Android system, in Goodtel you will find recent versions. Something that is appreciated to always obtain the latest and the best compatibility with apps, more importantly considering that many of the cheap brands do not usually distribute OTA updates, so having an outdated version system can pose a threat even to safety.

Characteristics of some Goodtel tablets

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If you want to know more about what a Goodtel tablet can offer you, you should know some of its most important technical characteristics:

  • MicroSD card slot: thanks to this you can expand the internal memory of these tablets, without having to delete files or uninstall apps when the memory runs out. You can use microSD cards with which you have enough space to store everything.
  • Bluetooth keyboard and mouse included: the pack also usually includes an external BT keyboard to connect to the tablet and a mouse, with which you can use the tablet in portable mode, to write and manage software and video games as if you were doing it with a PC. Something that provides a lot of comfort when using it. They also come with a case, headphones, charging adapter, USB OTG cable, cleaning cloth and digital pen ...
  • IPS screen: The panels used in Goodtel tablets use this LED technology for very good image quality, good viewing angles, wide color gamut, and excellent brightness. Everything you need to enjoy video and games.
  • GPSAlthough it is a cheap tablet, it also integrates this technology so that you can use it as a browser, or to use many other geolocation options in the different apps.
  • Dual camera: in addition to the integrated microphone and speakers, they also have two cameras, a rear one with a somewhat more powerful sensor for photos and video, and a front one to be able to take selfies and video calls.
  • Stereo speakers: the sound system of these Goodtel tablets also has good quality, with stereo audio to enjoy multimedia content.

Where are the Goodtel tablets from?

You will be surprised to know that the Goodtel brand is closer than you can imagine. This brand has its based in Valencia, Spain. Goodtel Group SL is the company behind her and which is responsible for distributing machinery and all kinds of devices made in China (hence their prices).

This is a huge advantage, since you can count on very cheap prices like other Chinese brands, but with technical service in Spanish and in SpainIn case something happens to you, always have your back covered. In addition, they have 24-hour service. Something that other Chinese brands do not provide and that you may find yourself helpless in that regard.

Goodtel tablets: my opinion

Apart from buying a product distributed by a Spanish brand, and having with all the guarantees, They also offer other advantages such as their performance, updated operating system and in Spanish, quality, low prices, and a package that includes a large number of accessories to make your experience much more comfortable.

Compared to other similar cheap brands, it has a good screen resolution, sound quality, powerful processor, good memory capacity, quality of camera sensors, and a great autonomy Thanks to the Li-Ion batteries that have capacities of up to 8000 mAh, which will allow you to use it for many hours without worrying about charging.

Of course, if you are looking for the best performance and benefits, then you should think about expensive brands such as Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Huawei, etc.