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Styluses for operating touchscreen devices are nothing new. Already in the past there were small devices with a touch screen that used them, such as PDAs. Now, with the arrival of tablets and smartphones, digital pens are back, but much more sophisticated and advanced than those of that generation. Thanks to the new functions of these, you can use your tablet to take notes by hand as if you were doing it on paper to digitize them, draw sketches, color, etc.

So if you are a student, you have children at home who love to draw and color, or you want to develop your artistic talents, the best option is to buy pencils for your tablet. And here you have everything you need to know about how to select the best one, the possibilities you have, etc.

The best pencils for tablets

The best stylus for Android tablet

If you are looking for affordable touch screen pens for Android tablets, then you can choose a Zspeed Active Stylus. A model that can work both on mobile phones and tablets, and with a fine 1.5mm pint and precise for drawing or writing. Use a fiber coating to avoid damaging the screen or leaving marks.

The finish of this pencil is quite good, made of quality aluminum, with a minimalist and modern design, and with the possibility of choosing in black or white. But the most interesting thing is not outside, but inside, as is usually the case. There is a Po-Li battery hidden there so that you can reach up to 720 hours of writing and drawing (using it for several hours a day could last several months). Charges via USB and shuts down after 30 min of inactivity to save power.

Su weight is only 16 grams, and it has a very nice touch. The writing feel is like that of a real pencil. As for connectivity, it does not need any technology, it simply works with the contact on the screen. So it could even work for a mobile device that has Bluetooth turned off.

The best pencil for iPad

If we are talking about an Apple iPad, you should opt for the Apple Pencil itself in the generation that is compatible with your tablet model. Currently the 2nd Gen Apple Pencil, which have support for the latest models of tablets from the Cupertino company (Air, Pro, ...).

As is usual with Apple, this type of digital pen is very exclusive and advanced to improve the user experience. Its design is attractive, with quality materials and very pleasant to the touch. It only weighs 21 grams, and is the perfect size to handle. Its internal Li-Ion battery can make this pen last up to 12 hours, depending on use.

Connects via bluetooth technology, to get the most out of the operating system, with advanced features that go beyond any other normal stylus. For example, it allows you to write, draw, color or be used as a pointer to handle apps, like any other from the competition, but it also adds a tilt sensor to change the strokes, has impeccable precision, and allows you to change drawing tools with just one touch. On the other hand, it is magnetically attached to the iPad Pro, so that it can be charged without having to connect it via cable.

How to choose a rechargeable tablet pen

pen for tablet

For choosing a good digital pen rechargeable for your tablet, you should keep in mind some characteristics that are the most relevant to offer you comfort, functionality, long autonomy, and precision in the lines:

  • Features: they generally allow writing, drawing, being used as a pointer, etc., but some more advanced ones also recognize gestures, touches, pressure, or tilting. The more advanced, the better the result.
  • Ergonomics: The shape of the pencil should be as similar as possible to a traditional pen or pencil, so that you can hold it comfortably and, most importantly, so that when writing or drawing, you do it naturally, without complications or having to adapt to it . Of course, if the finish has a nice touch and does not slip, and its weight is light, they will make your work much easier without discomfort.
  • Tip thickness- There are different nib thicknesses that can change the thickness of the strokes or the target for which they are used. For example, for fine lines and writing, a fine point of 1.9 mm or less is best. Instead, to draw and cover larger areas, it is best to opt for a thicker point.
  • Tip type: Regarding this, you will find varied models, with materials such as mesh to be used without the need for power supply, simply with the same pressure of the pen on the screen as if you were using your finger, but with greater precision, or other materials of tips that They need a battery to function, since they are active.
  • Interchangeable tips: some pencils may have interchangeable tips, so you can change the tip according to your needs at any time. However, do not get obsessed with this, since through the app itself it is usually allowed to change the thickness of the stroke, the work tool, etc.
  • Sensitivity: is very important, as it will determine the result of the pencil. You should choose the pencils with the greatest possible sensitivity.
  • Pressure points: It is also essential for the performance of the pen. Higher will mean a better response as it will allow you to create finer and sharper strokes. Vital if you are going to use it for professional work, such as drawing, design, etc.
  • Autonomy: of course, except for the passives that do not need a battery, it is important that they last for a long time, of at least 10 hours or more, so that they can last a whole day. Some can last hundreds of hours, which would be very positive although, on the other hand, they are usually simpler pencils.
  • Compatibility: It is important that the chosen pen is compatible with the model of your tablet. In Android there is not too much problem, and you will also find many models that are also compatible with iPad. On the other hand, Apple products you already know that they are somewhat more "closed" and tend to work well only with their own accessories.
  • Weight :: the lighter it is, the better. However, it is not a feature to obsess too much about, either. More important are others on this list.

What can you do with a pencil on a tablet?

pencil for tablet

If you wonder what can be done with a tablet pen, and if you really need one for your needs, you can read everything that can facilitate have one of them:

  • Take notes: if, for example, you use a PDF document reader to read manuals, etc., you can use it to underline or take notes in the margins, to facilitate further study.
  • Handwrite: As you could do with a conventional pencil or pen, you can use it to write manually, either to take notes and digitize them (you can modify them, change their format, print them, send them, etc.), or to write more comfortably in the apps without use the on-screen keyboard. That is, it will allow you to use the tablet's touch screen as if it were a paper or notebook.
  • Drawing and coloring: For the little ones who love to draw everywhere, or who consume large amounts of paper, they can have fun without problems with these pencils and drawing apps. It can also be a tool for creatives, with which to draw and create. In addition, you will have at your fingertips numerous tools for coloring or whatever you need (airbrush, brush, paint bucket, straight or polygon liner, etc.).
  • Prompter: Finally, the simplest use you can give it is as a pointer to handle apps and move through menus with greater precision than if you did it with your finger. Especially good if you are one of those who every time you press a key or area of ​​the screen activates several things at the same time.

Is it worth buying a tablet pen?

The digital pen for a tablet is not for everyone, but it can be a great advantage in some cases. Of course, the user experience will be improved with one of these accessories:

  • It can be a good ally to handle the menus and functions of apps, and even video games, with greater precision than if you did it with your finger. A great substitute for the mouse that can make your life a lot easier if you're not too skilled with touchscreens.
  • In the event that you use drawing, design, photo retouching apps, etc., surely the pencil will become a very powerful tool, since it will allow you to do everything with much greater precision than with your finger. That way you will no longer get away with the strokes, or the things will be placed where you do not want ...
  • Draw your sketches or take notes of the classes or whatever you want, and so you will always have your notes ready and digitized, to be able to share them by email, modify them, print them, and even upload them to the cloud to always have them at hand.
  • Students and writers will be delighted as they will be able to underline, highlight, and write notes.
  • For children who spend hours drawing and coloring, it will be an alternative that will not consume paper, always available, and without ink stains or paints. You can even print it to be able to hang it as a souvenir, etc.
  • Some people may have some kind of injury or limitation to use touchscreens normally. In those cases, having a pointer like a stylus can allow you to have better accessibility.

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