How to root a tablet - How to root an Android tablet

In this section you will learn to root tablets and install unofficial applications. Following our tutorials you will be able to have "super user" permissions on your Android tablet, which allows you to optimize the performance of your computer and configure some of the options that are blocked by default to your liking. Remember that the "rooting" of a terminal and the installation of unofficial applications can cancel the guarantee of your tablet.

What is root?

The Root concept means something like a 'God mode' on Android. That is, we can do and undo as we please, no user account has more permissions than the root account in a system such as Android. It gives the user total freedom.

If we perform any method to root our tablet, we will end up giving privileges to our system, being these administered by a tool like SuperSU, although there are also other tools for this, such as KingRoot.

What can be done with a rooted tablet?

The possibilities are incredibly large and in fact, although we discuss the main ones here, there will always be more and more, since the tools and applications, as well as configuration and customization tutorials are almost infinite.

One of the most popular uses is to make backup copies of our applications, protect our smartphone with a firewall, etc. But the most common is to be able to use Xposed and its modules. These are pieces of software that allow you to change even the last detail of the interface in addition to providing more functions to Android than those that come standard.

Undoubtedly, another of the great options is to be able to change the ROM, that is, the full Android operating system for another based on the same platform but that does not have to be the one that comes standard. There are hundreds of "cooked" ROMs, that is, created by individual users and groups, like CyanogenMod, and many of them are much more interesting than the standard ones.

Finally, they will also allow us to adjust the performance of the tablet's hardware as much as we want, both reducing it and "overclocking" some of its components, tricking and patching our system, uninstalling applications that come by default - bloatware, and a long etcetera.

How to root your Android tablet and open all its possibilities are discussed in the following help tutorials:

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  1.   guana said

    There is a Tutorial to root the tablet bp session, I can't find it

    1.    Anonymous said

      Root Sunstech Tab101DC with Android 4.2.2?

      1.    Anonymous said

        Luckily, I have a Sunstech Tab87DCBT and no god will root it

        1.    Anonymous said

          Silly how does that comparison

          1.    Anonymous said

            You slimy, and ignorant hahaha, how are you asshole XD

          2.    Anonymous said

            Hahahaha silly me

        2.    Anonymous said

          What kind of asshole that SOS are you going to see when you die, you idiot, where are you going to go and ask God for help and he is going to tell you I can't because according to you I can't even root your tablets!

    2.    Anonymous said

      I can't find the tablet: samsung galaxy tab 3 sm-t 211

    3.    Anonymous said

      Luckily, I have a Sunstech Tab87DCBT and no god will root it
      … :-) 🙂 🙂… -

      1.    Anonymous said

        I'm sorry to give you the news, that for God nothing is impossible, but that's not why he's going to waste his time on your tablet, hahahahaha

        1.    Anonymous said

          I would really lose it because as God said it, the root idiot, God, does not exist, his tablet is real

      2.    Anonymous said

        Try to install supersu and busybox directly, this model comes rooted. When you start busybox it will ask you to install something, you have to choose normal mode.

  2.   Juan said

    How to root tablet vexia zippers 9i ????

    1.    cornival said

      This tablet usually comes with factory root access, you just have to install the "SuperSU" program to have full access. Install the application "supersu" and then "busybox" and that's it. When you install "supersu" it will ask you to update the binaries, click ok.

      1.    Anonymous said

        Holy shtinzi, this is so cool thank you.

    2.    Anonymous said

      With an app Juan

  3.   leonardo said

    I have an ASUS ME172V tablet, how do I change the firmware? I bought it in China but I want to install one from a Latin country…. Thank you!

  4.   dani said

    How to route tablet engel tb0841ips?

    1.    Anonymous said


  5.   Max said

    I have an x ​​view proton2 pro and I can't find a way to root it, please help

  6. said

    They could put the river and the 3 inch tablet galaxy tan 7 lite

  7.   Juantxo said

    Hello people. How could I root a Qilive Q.3778 Tablet (Archos second brand) with Android KitKat 4.4.2. ???
    I'm looking everywhere for it and can't find it in any way. Thank you in advance

    1.    Sarah said

      Hello!! Have you found something? I have the same tablet and problem as you, there is nothing even on the internet with this tablet :( I hope you can help me.

      1.    Anonymous said

        How to root an LG5 mobile

    2.    cornival said

      That tablet is very new, try this application from the PC. I used it to root various tablets and phones that were difficult to access. There is also a video tutorial on how to do it. It is called Kingo Android Root and it is a universal tool.

  8.   nachovic said

    How can I root Lenovo S5000-F tablet

  9.   mario said

    How to root my Samsung SM-T211 tablet

  10.   Gonzalo ponce said

    how can i root a tablet trio stealt pro

    1.    Anonymous said

      It's spooky how clever some ppl are. Thasnk!

  11.   rober said

    friend and how do I root to tab 3 smt211…. tell me please ,, a safe method ,, with a zip file ,, to install it from the same tablet through the default menu ,,

    1.    Anonymous said

      Haha. I woke up down today. You've chreeed me up!

  12.   Frandy said

    friends I need to install a mystic table but I need the android someone has it is hanging on the mystic logo

    Thank you

    1.    cornival said

      It has been semibrickeed. You should try to reset it to factory mode. I do not know which model is yours or how many physical buttons it has (it is important) to perform the key combination. Everything happens to do a Hard Reset to the tablet. You could do a search yourself in the browser such as: Hard Reset + «make / model of your tablet», I said there are several guides on how to do it.
      Greetings ..

  13.   reynaldo rodriguez said

    Friends someone has a tutorial to root a 4n tablet gracis

  14.   Leandro said

    Could someone tell me how I can root Avvio Pad 10.1 tablet? Thanks.

  15.   Leo Rojas said

    Could someone tell me how I can root Avvio Pad 10.1 tablet? Thanks.

    1.    jhon0122 said

      Friend already told you how to root avvio pad 10.1

  16.   Abel said

    how to root colorfly e708 3g pro tablet with android 4.42? Thank you

  17.   jeanpier said

    Robot for my toshiba ATT7 tablet?

  18.   junior said

    Hello everyone, I would like to see if you know how to do a toshiba at200 tablet

  19.   Sora said

    I don't think I'm going to do it but ...
    Is it possible to root the NVIDIA Shield Tablet?

  20.   carlo $ mieres said

    friends I have this problem, you will see I bought a tablet brand toosell model mtk741 and it does not come with play store or googleplay servise has android 4.4.2 and I do not know how to root it or how to install those two applications please someone can help me urgently plis

    1.    Anonymous said

      Just go to google and search for googl apk services and an apk will come out that will come with all croome app store service and that's it.

  21.   Mario said

    How can I root my tablet zte k97 help me

  22.   anonimus said

    hols I have a lenovo vodafone smart tab 3 tablet and I know how to root pork I did it once and it unrooted but my problem is that I have to verify the link path and root it and it left me now the same thing and it will not root Since I had it rotated they ask me to verify the route or something like that


    Olle friend how I root a Vulcan Tablet Model VTA0701S

    1.    Christian, Humberto said

      I also want to know how 🙁

    2.    Angel said

      I want to know too

    3.    Anonymous said

      I'll help you, could you also please give me a backup of your tablet?

      1.    Anonymous said

        help us I want my tablet vulcan cruiser 2 the root to put the play services

    4.    Anonymous said

      how is it done?

  24.   adrian said

    How do I root a Neutab i7 model tablet? Thank you.

  25.   Byron zapeta said

    How can I root my tab 4 sm-t230nu ???? help xfa

    1.    dhayana madrid said

      I have that same tablet, and I want to root it because I bought 2 for sale and it only comes in English. I have downloaded all kinds of programs and nothing

  26.   dhayana madrid said

    I have a samsung sm-t230nu tablet, I can't find how to root it, since it only came with the English language. android 4.4.2 kernel 3.10.0-3213101. Nov 24 2014

  27.   Ezekiel said

    There are tablets that come with the super user option, in the case of mine that has this option and I don't need to install anything. my tablet model is jelly bean A70M 🙂

  28.   Anii lopez said

    hello excuse me anyone knows how to rotate a tablet tupad

    1.    cornival said

      With Kingo Root you root 90% of the terminals on the market. You just have to install it on the pc and follow the instructions. It is the easiest to use rooter on the market.

  29.   Trojan El Sarpado said

    Hello, does anyone know how to root a tablet, allwiner-tablet, with Android KitKat 4.4.2

    1.    Anonymous said

      Vroot man root your hair

  30.   fair said

    how to root tablet samsung sm-t230nu

  31.   Javier said

    how to rotate tablet rca 7 ″

  32.   jaime said

    Hello how are you? I have a tablet, how can I root it?

  33.   gerard said

    And in the sunstech ???

  34.   jackknife said

    Who would help me root a samsung galaxy tab 4 smt 230 7 ″ please: c

  35.   Cyprimoni said

    Hello people! Does anyone know how to root an NVR-TAB7 S53G ????

  36.   julian said

    Hello how can I root my tablet samsung galaxy tab 4 please thank you

  37.   Abraham said

    How to root ear a tablets sptv-0514

  38.   ruben said

    good, are you an impossible question to answer …… someone has the miracle of finding a root that works with Master tablet 10.1 dual core?
    I've even tried to put it under a car and it doesn't work either …… I tried everything and nobody could help me, I hope you could know how to root this model.

  39.   Miguel Angel Molina Malagón said

    Hello Kornival, how are you? Look, I gave my wife a Leotec tablet for Christmas and I would like to make the most of it, I can't find an app that will root it for me…. The tablet is this: LETA B1016 Android version 4.4.2 firmware 2.0_20141018 kernel version: 3.4.39 thanks for everything in advance.


  40.   raul too said

    hello I have a polaroid tablet PMID706, how can I root it? Thank you

  41.   ruben said

    How can you root tablets that don't support it or I don't know what stories? I need to root my tablet master tablet 10.1 dual core, what happens is that I try as I did with my mobiL and it lets me know that it does not find the address then it does not support it I do not understand much of this, but someone knows how to root this tablet? more than a tablet it looks like a mini TV because it doesn't have much and without root even less ……

    Thank you in advance I await your response brothers

    1.    Anonymous said

      There are no words to describe how boiudcoas this is.

  42.   Jesus Arellano said

    Hello, I have problems to root my Irulu X9 tablet, I have tried many methods and nothing has worked, can someone help me ?????

    1.    Anonymous said

      Did you solve the problem? I have the same

  43.   abdiel said

    How to root an avatar tablet

  44.   adri said

    hello how to root tab 3 ???

    1.    Anonymous said

      Well, you see, I'm not sure but it is com root master, look for it on youtube and hopefully you will achieve it.
      I can't root mine ...

  45.   pipe said

    How do I root my yifang nx007hd tablet ??? please help

  46.   Louis Polo said

    Does anyone know how to root an ALPS RVC-Z3 tablet? I want to change the ROM

    1.    Anonymous said

      Nina, I love these (especially about following fellow writers ba8; 1 # c2 & 1kso off-putting when someone has a zillion followers but only follows a handful of people) and wish I would have read them when I joined Twitter last year.

  47.   susi said

    Hi guys. I have a gadnic table with Android 4.4.2 and I tried to root it in various ways without success. Is there any way ??

    1.    Anonymous said

      If you managed to root it, would you tell me how? I'm going crazy hahaha

  48.   beto villanueva said

    a levy dal can be rooted

  49.   Alexander said

    Ola people could you please tell me how to surround my tablet t-101 with dressmakers thanks

  50.   Hans said

    How to root tablet T1015G ZIF

  51.   ivan said

    how to root an acer iconi tab 10

  52.   Sabina said

    Hello, I have the qilive 70v2 I made it root with the vroot program, before you have to put the tablet in usb debugging, for this you have to go to settings / information of the tablet and press the compilation number 7 times you will get a message that you are already Developer you go back and you will see development options there you can put the tables in usb debugging, connect the tablet to the pc and open vroot that must be installed on the pc, the program is in Chinese but it is very intuitive and once rooted you can change the Spanish language with the supersu application.
    This program roots 90% of mobile phones and tablets, I hope I have helped you.

  53.   Carlos Tovar Cruz placeholder image said

    What bothers me is that they do not say which developer BusyBox is from, there are many damn applications with that name

  54.   belmont said

    They know the method to Root a RCA RTC6773W22 voyager tablet with. Android 4.4.2?

  55.   jose said

    How to root my hp 7 plus tablet

  56.   rafaelos said

    how to root my tablet galaxy tab 4 version 4.4.2

  57.   Alejo Leandro Verón said

    I have a sp7 0814 tablet without root and I want to root it but first I don't know how to root and I didn't quite understand the process to make a backup of the project. What do I do?

  58.   Anonymous said

    How to rotate a Toshiba tablet

  59.   Anonymous said

    Hello, I have an admiral tg701 tablet, someone to tell me how to root it

    1.    Anonymous said

      Aaah I have the same and I don't know how it dies. Root it 🙁 that happens when you buy a tablet with a few weeks on the market xd

    2.    Anonymous said

      I already rooted it. Use this:

  60.   Anonymous said

    Sansumg galaxy tab 2 7.0! ??? It can

  61.   Anonymous said

    How to rotate my tablet l v410

  62.   Anonymous said

    How to root vexia zippers tan 7i

  63.   Anonymous said

    Where is the root access on the vantec tablet

  64.   Anonymous said

    I need to transfer applications to the SD memory and the tablet does not bring the option about B1-730 iconia one7, how can I do it? because the memory of this is low it says 8gb and in the end only c uses 4gb and in this way they disappoint the consumer this good one only needs to allow us that option and update us all

    1.    Anonymous said

      Simply download is file manager

  65.   Anonymous said

    Does anyone know how to root master tablet 10.1 dual core? android 4.2.2 would appreciate it

  66.   Anonymous said

    how to root Joinet Mobile tablets

  67.   Anonymous said

    How to root tablet _10.1_Cod_267033. X1013 Product Module

  68.   Anonymous said

    Good friends know that I have been with my Tablet for about 5 months and I have been very intrigued since I cannot enjoy my humble Tablet 100% because I can not root it I have tried everything it is an Astro Queo A912 It is not the best Tablet in the world but for my suits me I need to root it. If there is someone with a lot of knowledge that gives me hope to root it, I would appreciate it with all my heart

  69.   Anonymous said

    Root wolder tablet my think 10.1 ».thank you

  70.   Anonymous said

    Can you root tablet energy sistem Neo 9?

  71.   Anonymous said

    Hello, my tablet was using it and it was going to page to go to the errand and when I wanted to turn it on, it did not turn on, I wanted to know if it was broken or it would only reset itself

  72.   Anonymous said

    Hello, my tablet was using it and it was going to page to go to the errand and when I wanted to turn it on, it did not turn on, I wanted to know if it was broken or it would only reset itself. It is an RCA 6773w22

  73.   Anonymous said

    please get the how to root the asus memo pad 7

  74.   Anonymous said

    How to rotate my galasy tab 4 tablet pf help

  75.   Anonymous said

    Hello, can someone help me with a Smartab, stjr70 nz, it comes by default in English, I want to change it to Spanish without losing the applications for children. Greetings. Thanks

  76.   Anonymous said

    Hello my talk is an RCA how can I root it

  77.   Anonymous said

    how to apply hard reset to tablet noblex 10 ″

  78.   Anonymous said

    How to drip the L-Pad meteorite Q «9»

  79.   Anonymous said

    How do I root a tablet bought in Alcampo it is called my_tablet phoenix is ​​android 4.4

    Thank you

  80.   Anonymous said

    There is a tutorial on how to root a DUO tablet

  81.   Anonymous said

    how to rotate tablet TuPad 7 »please help!

  82.   Anonymous said

    Someone tell me how to root a Tecpad xtab-781 tablet

  83.   Anonymous said

    I bought a tablet without a brand I want to root it but I can't find a tutorial when I turn on it says tablet pc keep moving and the model is A73K

  84.   Anonymous said

    How do I root a ghia 27258n tablet I already tried too many apk and methods and none came out

  85.   Anonymous said

    I have a Vulcan Android 4.4.2 Tablet and I want to Root it
    Someone can help me, I have already tried and could not with the programs that tell me

  86.   Anonymous said

    how to root a vulcan tablet

  87.   Anonymous said

    I need to root a tablet vulcan android 4.4.2

  88.   Anonymous said

    How to root tablet noblex t8044… does anyone know ????

  89.   Anonymous said

    I have a JMobile Joinet tablet pc, I don't root it

  90.   Anonymous said

    to spy on cell phones visit:

  91.   Anonymous said

    I have the Dragon touch E70 tablet and I need to root it, please if anyone knows which root works on this tablet I would appreciate it.
    Thank you

  92.   Anonymous said

    Hello I think these pages are very good.
    Could you do a tutorial on How to root an Acer Tablet One 7 Icons? Please.
    Thanks for your time.

  93.   Anonymous said

    hello as root on a tablet tupad
    xfa thank you

  94.   Anonymous said

    how to root a tablet dragon touch e70 these is tablet phone

    1.    Anonymous said

      Good friend, it would be possible for you to send me a backup of your Tablet, mine when doing the root, lost all the sos

  95.   Anonymous said

    Please if somebody knows how to root tablet dragon touch e70, let me know

  96.   Anonymous said

    How do I root a PLAYTAB has factory root and no root app works pls help

    1.    Anonymous said

      What a neat artecli. I had no inkling.

  97.   Anonymous said

    How to root a PLAYTAB has factory root and no root app works, pls help contact:

  98.   Anonymous said

    Any for the NeuTab X7 ??

  99.   Anonymous said

    How do I root my tab?

  100.   Anonymous said

    How can I root an acer iconia 7 B1-730HD tablet…. Xq I already tried several applications and I still can't root it and I want to be a root user… .. I need an answer to root my tablet.

  101.   Anonymous said

    Root TR10CS1 Tablet with Android 4.2.2?

  102.   Anonymous said


  103.   Anonymous said

    How to root AOC tablet model d79t78

    1.    Anonymous said


  104.   Anonymous said

    Hello, I would like to know how I can do it to root nevir tablet with android 4.1.1. I can't find it

  105.   Anonymous said

    How can I download videos to my tablets
    Rca model rct6203w46

  106.   Anonymous said

    How to root on tablet dragon touch k7

  107.   Anonymous said

    Does anybody know how
    Root a tablet

  108.   Anonymous said


  109.   Anonymous said

    Tablet Noblex T8044 how can I root it?

  110.   Anonymous said

    How do I root a tablet from the sep is iusatd brand?

  111.   Anonymous said

    Tablet iruli 7 unboxin and does not root: c

    1.    Anonymous said

      I have tablet zimpra T72

  112.   Anonymous said


  113.   Anonymous said

    How to root a Gadnic I9 tablet with android 4.4.4?

  114.   Anonymous said

    Rotate tablet aikun actek

    1.    Anonymous said

      Didn't know the forum rules allowed such brlaiilnt posts.

  115.   Anonymous said

    I have an HP already rooted ???? And if not, how do I install it ???

    1.    Anonymous said

      Short, sweet, to the point, Fretcexa-Ely as information should be!

  116.   Anonymous said

    How to root tablet advance with android 2.0?

  117.   Anonymous said

    Hello, it is the first time that I get to your page. I have a problem with my wife's tablet, a 4 ″ Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 SM-T230NU (it has an infrared port on the right side) and just in case, it is NO longer guaranteed. The problem is that it does not connect to Wi-Fi because pressing the corresponding button deactivates it by itself, although it is configured to always stay connected. I have searched different blogs and websites for a solution and something that seems promising before throwing it away is that you have to root this tablet and simply delete a file that is the cause of this infinite loop that does not allow you to connect to wifi or bluetooth (it is a software problem and not a hardware problem). Samsung does nothing about it, it is a factory fault and I have read that many owners of this model have the same problem without any solution from Samsung, especially if there is no longer a warranty. But all the rooting methods that exist for terminals like these require connecting to the internet at the end of the process, either to update or to finish downloading a file, which is impossible given the initial problems. Therefore, my question is whether this tablet can be rooted without having to use anything that has to do with the internet? Or if even if the necessary files could be downloaded to a PC and then somehow transferred to the tablet? Any help please write to Thank you.

  118.   Anonymous said

    I have a tab4 SM-T237P
    How can I root it and install the super us

    1.    Anonymous said

      A bit susieprrd it seems to simple and yet useful.

  119.   Anonymous said

    How to root Samsgung Galaxy Tab E SM-T113N tablets?
    Please help me!!

  120.   Anonymous said

    I can't find the one by wolder

    1.    Anonymous said

      I need to root the wolder mitab_oregon anyone know ????

  121.   Anonymous said


    1.    Anonymous said

      That's right, it can't be rotated, I have one from GTO

    2.    Anonymous said

      I can not either

  122.   Anonymous said

    How can I root my tan rct6773w22b ???

  123.   Anonymous said

    I have been given a Glacier Vulcan 10.1 but it has past android. It does not give me an update via OTA.

    What version of Androd could I load manually that it can support or how can I get it to update automatically?

  124.   Anonymous said

    How can I root one
    Alcatel one touch pixi 7

    1.    Anonymous said

      Non Viet Peeper, tell me which Asian Communist regime has voluntarily changed to a capitalist state due to the pu17 & ci # 82bl; s will? None! Asian model of communism really reflects total dictatorship… by the feared / blood thirst “control freaks”.

  125.   Anonymous said

    Does anyone know how to root the wolder mitab oregon tablet ???

  126.   Anonymous said

    there any tuto to root the magnum tech MG730i?

  127.   Anonymous said

    can someone help me to root a noblex tablet

    1.    Anonymous said

      king root

  128.   Anonymous said

    How to root a premier tablet

  129.   Anonymous said

    Very good

  130.   Anonymous said

    I cannot find tablet brand model 703

  131.   Anonymous said

    I have a zeven microvission tablet it does not start I would need fitmware, someone could guide me to get it

    1.    Anonymous said

      Hello, did you get firmware or something from the microvision tablet? Thank you

  132.   Anonymous said

    I need to root my tabled lanix ilium e10si

  133.   Anonymous said

    How about friends ask: how to root tablet vulcan vta0704s08 I already tried several ways and nothing can anyone help?

  134.   Anonymous said

    How to root a noblex T8A1IE tablets

  135.   Anonymous said

    How to root my acer board I already tried manual and automatic and nothing

  136.   Anonymous said

    How do I root an Excer G5 board

  137.   Anonymous said

    how to rotate tablet ghia any10.1 20218p

  138.   Anonymous said

    Anyone help me to Root a ZTE K97 tablet? I have already tried VRoot, but without success.

  139.   Anonymous said

    I have a table. sansei w737 is there a way to root it?

    1.    Anonymous said

      Thank you so much for this artlci, it saved me time!

  140.   Anonymous said

    all tablets have rooter?

  141.   Anonymous said

    there is a tutorial to root tablet Gateway G1-725

  142.   Anonymous said

    I have a Gonna Springboks Lollipop 5.1.1 and nothing roots it: /

    1.    Anonymous said

      I'm looking for it too but nothing rooted it and to top it all the info they give about this tablet is very, very little

    2.    Anonymous said

      do you know how to find a rom for the tablet? with 5.1 I'm very slow

  143.   Anonymous said

    How to root a hp brand board

  144.   Anonymous said

    I need to know how to rotate the Artchros dual sim tablet

  145.   Anonymous said

    How can I root my tablet is an intel model tg701

  146.   Anonymous said

    Hello, could someone help me to root a top house x1013 tablet?

    1.    Anonymous said

      I managed to root the tablet ghia 27258N android kitkat use the root genius from the pc and I root it in 10 seconds hopefully ybles serve guys

  147.   Anonymous said


  148.   Anonymous said

    How do I root my huawei media pad 10 link +

  149.   Anonymous said

    As I do so that my table stops downloading programs, I only restore it and after 10 or 15 minutes it has them downloaded if I do not have Internet and I delete it and they come back and install

  150.   Anonymous said

    Help!! no rooting method works for my samsung galaxy Tab E

    1.    Anonymous said

      Me and this article, sitting in a tree, L-AN – RNIEG!

  151.   Anonymous said

    How can I root a Lanix Ilium Pasd i7 tablet?

    1.    Anonymous said

      Finindg this post. It's just a big piece of luck for me.

  152.   Anonymous said


  153.   Anonymous said


  154.   Anonymous said

    Huawei T101 tablet

  155.   Anonymous said

    anyone know how i can root an acer iconia 10 b3-a20

    1.    Anonymous said

      I also need to know how to root it, I have the same model and why I'm looking for, I can't find anything and I've tried many root apps and nothing.

  156.   Anonymous said

    And pad-104

  157.   Anonymous said

    Hello I was wondering how to rotate my tablet ghia

  158.   Anonymous said

    mitablet is RCA and I cannot root it I have tried with several programs and nothing ……

  159.   Anonymous said

    I can't root my RCA tab

  160.   Anonymous said

    hello I have a tablet phone ARTAB MOBILE 4.4.2 model AG2308G that did not bring play store and it tells me that the device is not compatible with google services, how do I root?

    1.    Anonymous said

      What an awesome way to explain this-now I know evygnthier!

  161.   Anonymous said

    Lanix ilium PAD7 root

  162.   Anonymous said

    good night would someone help me unlock my zipra t72 table

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