Spotify could raise prices sooner than you think

Spotify could raise prices sooner than you think

Spotify provides its subscribers with one of the best streaming services today. Their excellence is what has laid the foundations and managed to make Spotify the one chosen by millions of users of all nationalities. Today we will be talking about the rumors that Spotify could raise prices sooner than you think and how these changes will occur.

Although it is not yet known precisely when these will be put into practice, expected to occur any time this month. Which will have a little influence on users, who will have to adjust to plans that are a little more expensive than the ones they currently have. With all this, a greater economic balance is expected, which we will also talk to you about.

Spotify could raise prices sooner than you think Spotify could raise prices sooner than you think

As has recently been known, Spotify could raise the prices of its premium subscription plans before this year ends. The new plans will be put into effect in countries such as Australia, the United Kingdom and also Pakistan, arriving at an early date, which could be before this month of April comes to an end.

Other countries like the United States would also have changes before the end of the year, without knowing exactly when they will occur. It is speculated that the price increase would be between 1 and 2 USD for each affected plan from the current value. According to some media outlets that have reported the news, all Spotify premium plans will be affected:

The individual premium plan: will rise to 11.99 or 12.99 dollars per month, in the duo premium plan: the price will rise to 15.99 or 16.99 dollars each month, the family premium plan will increase from $17.99 to $18.99 per month. Finally, the plan for students It will be priced from 6.99 to 7.99 with Spotify's new price increase.

Of course, We should keep in mind that these are just rumors for now.. Therefore, the prices of the premium plans could vary quite a bit, without yet knowing with certainty how much they will increase from the current ones.

Why does Spotify increase the prices of its plans? Spotify could raise prices sooner than you think

This is a measure that has been seen coming for some months now, so if you have carefully analyzed its services, you will be able to realize that this is something the popular platform had planned to do. He The reason lies in the audiobooks offered within these Spotify Premium plans. Since for just over a year, Spotify, with the aim of competing with Amazon's Audible, has offered audiobooks to its subscribers.

Today, these subscribers have access to 15 hours of free audiobooks within the premium individual, duo and family plans. In addition, they can pay for 10 additional hours if they spend these. The Spotify Premium catalog for audiobooks is more than 150 thousand copies. As is easy to understand, this leads to a significant additional expense, since it is necessary pay audiobook publishers for their work.

These expenses cannot be easily covered through premium plans, so it will be necessary to increase their price. Since Additional payments are only made when all hours within the plan are consumed, and wish to make extra payments.

When will the new prices go into effect? Spotify

At this time It is impossible to give an exact date of the day on which the new prices will come into effect. This is mainly because it is not news that the platform's representatives have publicly confirmed. What we can assure is that Spotify could raise prices sooner than you imagine, and that It is something that will hardly happen.

According to experts and researchers of the market and services of the different streaming platforms as successful as Spotify, so that its economic sustainability is maintained, it will be necessary to carry out a readjustment of this magnitude. It would not be the first time that something similar has occurred, since measures like this have been carried out in the past.

What alternatives to premium plans will there be? Spotify

The news related to the probability of a price increase in Spotify Premium services has not been pleasant news for its millions of subscribers to this service. This is mainly because many of them do not listen to the available audiobooks, so paying for them is not something they have any interest in. Additional subscription plans will be implemented for them.

That is, a basic plan, in which no audiobooks of any kind will be included, just music and podcasts. This measure attempts to keep all users happy, both those who do enjoy the audiobook option included in the premium plans and other alternative plans for the other premium users of the platform.

Will countries like Spain be affected?

Today, the number of Spotify subscribers rising to more than 230 million. Such numbers place it among the largest streaming platforms on the planet, enjoying a constantly rising popularity. Therefore, it is understandable that gradually the changes in their premium plans They affect each of its main markets, and Spain is not far behind.

So yes, Spotify could raise prices sooner than you think. We cannot specify, as we have mentioned, the exact date of these changes, but they will occur. As of the date we write this, The individual premium plan has a monthly value of 10.99 euros. So following the line of increases, it can reach 11.99 or 12.99 euros. This is only on the individual plan, since the others (duo, family and students will also increase)

Recientemente It has been known that Spotify could raise prices sooner than you imagine. Let us know in the comments what you think about these changes in the prices of Spotify Premium plans and if it is really worth paying for these platform services.

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