Teclast Tablet

La Teclast tablet brand It is another of those Chinese brands that is giving a lot to talk about. This manufacturer also has other computer products such as laptops. Although it is a complete unknown in the West, little by little it has been opening a gap and it is already one of those brands that are among the best-selling on platforms such as Amazon. They stand out for their value for money, offering a lot for little money.

Users who have already tried these tablets have left positive comments, highlighting their performance and solid design. And it is that, since the creation of this company in 1999, it has become a technology benchmark in China, leading the sector for its R&D, originality and capabilities without raising prices. A way to bring cutting-edge technology to everyone by facilitating access to it ...

Characteristics of some TECLAST tablets

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If you are determined to buy a TECLAST tablet, or if you are not yet, it may be feature list I finished convincing you:

  • IPS screen: these tablets mount one of the best LED LCD panel technologies, such as IPS (In-Plane Switching), a technology that has become the favorite of most brands, even the most expensive ones. Thanks to it, very good image qualities can be achieved, with high brightness, good viewing angles, and a rich color gamut with more vivid colors.
  • OctaCore processorInstead of using somewhat more outdated 2- or 4-core chips, these tablets include SoCs with up to 8 ARM-based processing cores to ensure a smooth experience and fairly good performance in all kinds of apps.
  • Expandable memory with SD card- Some tablets, such as Apple's, do not include SD memory card slots. This forces you to have to pay more to acquire the tablet with greater capacity of that brand or to have capacity problems in the future, having to uninstall apps, not being able to update your applications, deleting files, etc. On the other hand, with these cards you can expand the internal memory capacity if it is too small for your Teclast tablet.
  • Aluminum chassis: this is not only a matter of design and quality of finishes or robustness, it is also positive on a technical level. This metal has good thermal conductivity, so it will also help with the temperature of the chips, dissipating heat better than those made of plastics.
  • Front and rear camera: To enjoy videos, photos, selfies and video calls, these tablets also include a rear or main camera, and a front camera. You can't expect very high-quality sensors for that price, but they are on par with some current smartphones.
  • Android: They have Google's Android operating system, being able to enjoy all its wealth of available apps and with all the GMS (GMAIL, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Play,…) at your service, so you don't miss anything.
  • LTE- Only some expensive brands and premium models tend to have this type of connectivity. Instead, Teclast shows that a low-cost tablet can also have it. Thanks to it, you can use a SIM card to have a 4G mobile data line and thus be connected wherever you need, as if it were a mobile, and without having to depend on WiFi.
  • GPS: they also have this integrated device so that you can always keep track of your position, use the tablet as a browser with Google Maps or similar apps, or use the necessary location options for certain apps.
  • Stereo speakers: they have two speakers for stereo sound and better quality, thus being able to enjoy your favorite music, videos or games.
  • Bluetooth 5.0: Many tablets, even some more expensive and well-known brands, tend to have BT technology from older versions, such as 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, etc. But in Teclast tablets you will have wireless connectivity in its most recent version. With which you can get the most out of wireless devices that you can connect, from wireless headphones, to digital pens, portable speakers, external keyboards, file exchange between devices, etc.

My opinion of TECLAST tablets, are they worth it?

As I have said, Teclast tablets are among the best sellers in stores like Amazon or Aliexpress. The reason is that they have a fantastic value for money and they are one of those brands, like Yotopt or Goodtel, that offer a lot for the little price they have. Therefore, they are worth it if you are looking for a functional tablet and without being too demanding (you should not ask, for that price, the best screen resolutions, the largest panels, the longest autonomy on the market, the best performance , etc.).

Una fantastic option for those who are just starting out, for students who cannot pay for something more expensive, or for those who need a tablet for not very intensive use. Teclast products in those cases will help you get what you are looking for without having to spend an extra euro.

Where can I find the technical service for a TECLAST tablet?

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Despite being a Chinese brand, there is a project to open the first Teclast store in Spain, which would be very positive. The store would be in Madrid, something like what has already happened with the Xiaomi brand. In addition, this firm is also trying to create another headquarters in Spain to expand into the European market, although initially it would be for Spain and Portugal.

Therefore, if you have doubts or something happens with your tablet, the positive thing is that you can contact them now so that they can assist you in Spanish. You can do it through your email: info@teclast.es

Where to buy a TECLAST tablet at a good price

The Teclast tablet is not found in regular stores, since it is not a brand known as others, but you can buy it in online platforms on the table:

  • Amazon: it is the best option to buy one of these tablets, and this store offers greater guarantees of return, safe purchases, and a good service. In addition, you will find the largest number of models of this Chinese brand. And if you are Prime, remember that shipping costs are free and you will have preference in package deliveries.
  • AliExpress: This other Chinese sales platform and Amazon competition can be another alternative to find Teclast tablet models. Their prices are also competitive, the problem is that when you come directly from China, you could find delivery problems at customs, or with illegitimate sellers to whom you will pay and the package will not arrive, since it does not usually have a delivery system. Check as good as Amazon for sellers.
  • Ebay: this other website also sells tablets of this brand and second-hand products. It also brings confidence and security in payments, so it can be interesting too.