LNMBBS It is a somewhat strange brand, and little known. But it is a manufacturer that offers quite good tablets to really incredible accurate. That is, with very little investment you will have an ideal mobile device for those who are looking for something cheap or need it for children or elderly people who are learning and that another expensive tablet would be too much.

The relationship quality-price of this firm is very interesting, and its technical characteristics are more than enough for everyday use. The truth is that when you test these tablets you are surprised by what they contribute for the price they have, even more so if you take into account that they add LTE connectivity, something that makes the price much more expensive in other brands. So it is not surprising that it is a bestseller on Amazon ...

Best LNMBBS tablets

If you are looking for a good LNMBBS tablet model and you don't know which one to choose, here are the best recommendations of this brand:


It is another of the best models of this firm, but with technical characteristics somewhat superior to the previous one. In this case, its operating system has been updated to an Android 12 version, and its screen is 10.1 ″ and with a magnificent FullHD resolution on its IPS LED panel. On the other hand, it continues to maintain Bluetooth connectivity, WiFi 5, and the possibility of including a SIM for 4G mobile networks like its little sister.

As for the rest of the hardware, it has also been equipped with a microSD card slot, the front and rear cameras are still 5 and 8 MP respectively, with 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of internal flash memory, USB-C OTG, built-in quality microphone and speakers. All identical, only in this case powered by a more powerful chip, with 8 nuclei 1.6Ghz based on ARM.


LNMBBS also has this model on the market that is designed for the most demanding. The screen continues to mount an IPS LED panel with FullHD and 10.1 inch resolution. The Android version is still 10.0 as in the previous tablet, with 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of internal flash memory, memory card reader, Bluetooth, USB-C OTG, WiFi 5, GPS, etc.

But the advantages are in its chip, with 8 ARM cores as well, but working at a higher frequency of 1.8 Ghz for greater performance. It has also been equipped with a large 6000 mAh battery capable of reaching up to 7 hours of autonomy, and now the connectivity with the support 5G to navigate at blazing speeds.


Another of the best models of the firm is this one that would be very even in terms of performance and benefits with the previous two, but with a improvement in terms of built-in camerasSince it mounts a 5 MP front sensor for better selfies and video calls, and a 13 MP rear camera sensor to take quality photos.

For the rest, LNMBBS remains faithful to its characteristics, with Android 10.0, a 10.1 ″ IPS type FullHD screen, 4 GB of RAM memory, 64 GB of internal storage, possibility of memory card, Bluetooth 5.0, DualBand WiFi, GPS, 4G LTE, 1.6 Ghz octa-core processor based on ARM Cortex-A5, USB, etc.


This tablet model goes a step beyond the previous model, with more powerful hardware, although it does share some characteristics. For example, it also comes equipped with Android 11 operating system, and with a 12 inch FullHD screen with IPS panel. RAM is still 4GB and internal 64GB flash, expandable by memory cards.

Connectivity is also wonderful in this case, with Bluetooth, USB OTG, WiFi, and the possibility of connect to 5G to navigate ultra fast. As for its SoC, it is an 8-core chip working at a frequency of 1.8 Ghz powered by a high-capacity 6000 mAh battery to give a fantastic autonomy of up to 7 hours. It also includes GPS.

Characteristics of some LNMBBS tablets

cheap lnmbs tablet

The LNMBBS brand not only stands out for its low price, but it also has rare features in the low-end to which these models are compared. For example, they stand out:

  • LTE 4GLow-end tablets with cheap prices usually do not have LTE connectivity, much less 5G. In fact, it is something quite exclusive to the premium ones and the models that include it tend to have a higher price than the base. That is why it stands out to see that for so little you can get a tablet with data connectivity.
  • GPS: This geolocation and navigation technology is not common on cheap tablets either. However, in this model you have it to be able to use it for your vehicle, etc.
  • dual SIM: For the same reason that I mentioned in the first point about LTE technology, cheap tablets usually do not have the possibility of installing a SIM card for data rates, but much less that it is a dual slot to be able to have two independent cards, for example if use the tablet for two people or if you want to have the one at home separate from the one at work.
  • IPS Full HD displayThese tablets have IPS LED panels with quite good resolutions, which leaves a great image quality, brightness, contrast and color gamut. Something that is also appreciated in these cheap tablets.
  • Octacore processor: some of the most advanced LNMBBS models have Mediatek brand SoCs with up to 8 processing cores, which gives enough performance for most apps and games, which will run smoothly.
  • 24 months warrantySome cheap brands do not have a guarantee or you are a bit helpless when you buy them. In this case, they conform to the minimum guarantee required by European legislation, providing a 2-year guarantee.

My opinion of the LNMBBS tablets: are they worth it?

lnmbs tablet

If what you are looking for is a tablet with maximum performance and quality, the truth is that LNMBBS is not what you are looking for. This form offers cheap tablets that can satisfy most needs, but are not intended for the most demanding. Despite that, the included SoCs do not have much to envy other more expensive brands.

It can be a great choice if you need something cheap and that it does not have deficiencies like other cheap brands that leave much to be desired. In other words, these tablets have a good quality-price-performance ratio. In addition to including details that are usually only in the highest and most expensive ranges, such as LTE connectivity for 4G and 5G networks, or the possibility of using DualSIM.

It can also be fantastic for the little ones or people who are starting, or to use as a battle tablet to experiment if you don't want to have a problem with your expensive tablet that you usually use ...

Where is the LNMBBS brand from?

It is one of those cheap brands chinese which is becoming more and more popular, and increasing its number of sales on online platforms due to its characteristics and low prices. And it is that getting a tablet with a large screen, with quality, decent performance, with current operating system, and data connectivity for that price is almost impossible ...

Where to buy an LNMBBS tablet

You will not find these tablets in stores like Carrefour, El Corte Inglés, Mediamarkt, FNAC, etc., since it is a little-known brand from the Chinese market. Therefore, few platforms offer the possibility of buying them in Europe. You will only find them in places like Aliexpress or on Amazon, the latter being the safest option of the two, since it offers returns guarantees and payment security.