The Android news that has been presented at MWC 2024

The Android news that has been presented at MWC 2024

The release of Google's new operating system update has kept users waiting for this for some time. In addition to many other functions of the operating system Android that Google was sharing with its users recently. Precisely, Today we will talk to you about the Android news that has been presented at MWC 2024, which, as we mentioned, took place in Barcelona at the end of February.

Android 15 brings with it a whole range of new functions and tools that promise to enhance the creativity, productivity and efficiency of users. Some of these new functions will be enhanced by artificial intelligence, being without a doubt the future of technology.

Where was the MWC held in 2024? MWC 2024

The Mobile World Congress, It took place in the Spanish city of Barcelona last February. This is one of the most relevant events in the world of technologies. This year, more than 100 thousand people attended this important meeting between the most passionate about the digital world and the large technology companies with their news and launches.

On this occasion, More than 2000 companies participated in the MWC, presenting very promising advancess, closing important deals and showing off impressive new features. This figure increases every year thanks to the technological revolution that we experience with greater intensity every day.

Android 15 comes loaded with new features and improvements as announced at MWC 2024 The Android news that has been presented at MWC 2024

Of course, the goal of the launch of Android 15 is present new features to users that can make their experience with the operating system more immersive and pleasant. These topics were some of the Android news that have been presented at the MWC (Mobile World Congress 2024), an event of great relevance to the world of technology, held in February of this year.

Among the main new features of Android 15 are: The Android news that has been presented at MWC 2024

Greater number of functions integrated into health

Features focused on health issues, both physical and mental, come strongly in Android 15. For example, the Health Connect platform will be one of the most benefited, allowing you to share information related to all your fitness activities and health issues with other users.

Record half of the screen

This is a function that we cannot say is exclusive to Android 15, but it is where we can get the most potential thanks to its improvement. Thanks to this update, it will now be possible to select which parts of the screen you want to be recorded when you make recordings of it using its native functions.

Basically, the objective pursued with this function is to achieve greater privacy and easy use, by not having to cut out parts of the screen or censor them in videos of this type. Its use will be very simple, since at the moment before starting a screen recording with the native function of the mobile, Android 15 will ask you to specify which app you want to include in the recording. Showing in this way the activity of the selected application only.

A professional camera in your hands

This will be one of the most anticipated developments for photography fans and lovers. And with just one click, you will be able to achieve notable improvements in the mobile camera. One of these improvements will be specifically aimed at improving brightness and lighting in inappropriate conditions, and the intensity of the camera flash will also be increased when the situation requires it.

Additionally, by connecting your device in webcam mode to your computer, There will be an “HD” button available in the camera preview. This option will make both the lighting, image sharpness and noise reduction considerable. Of course, don't expect these new functions to work magic, your mobile camera must also have at least acceptable features.

A single device can share audio to several

With this new feature, Audio can be shared from the same mobile device to others devices with Android 15, as long as they are connected. Although you should keep in mind that at this time it is unknown how many devices can actually share the same audio.

What other new features will Android 15 bring?Android 15

Among other various functionalities that the new software update will have, we can find:

  • Greater reliability for NFC, Payments through this technology will benefit, being much more fluid, faster and secure.
  • Privacy Sandbox will also have improvements, mainly in aspects related to privacy, security and advertising.
  • It will be much simpler and more efficient to work with documents in formats such as PDF.
  • Mobile applications will have options to inform the user that they are being recorded.
  • The connectivity satellite will now have greater support, adjustments are made to its interface so that the sending of SMS, MMS AND RCS is via satellite.
  • Archiving apps with default functions will now be simpler. That is to say, Apps can be installed taking up much less space without it being necessary to uninstall these completely.
  • The improvements in terms of running applications will make them more efficient, occupying the entire screen of the device.
  • Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. Bluetooth connectivity controls will be more intuitive and simple. This will allow this technology to be learned and used even more.

When will the launch of Android 15 take place? Android 15

Throughout the year we will be able to see new news and Android 15 Beta version releases. This is an essential process when a new operating system update is going to be released. This is because it is necessary to correct all errors and malfunctions before its official version is in the public domain.

In fact, after the launch of Android Developer Preview versions 1 and 2, finally a few days ago The official launch of the first Beta version of Android 15 has occurred. Of course, only available for some specific Google Pixel mobile models. In this way, a series of releases of various Beta versions of Android 15 begins, which, as we mentioned, will extend throughout this year.

The definitive launch of Android 15 It is planned for the months of October or November, although it could not yet be specified exactly. What we can assure first-hand is that in less than a month, You can now enjoy the Beta 2 version of this operating system.

How to install this Beta version?

Although still quite limited, Some phones will be able to download the newly released Beta version of Android 15. For this, make sure you have a Google Pixel mobile from 5 to 8, including the Google Pixel Fold and Google Pixel Tablet.

  1. The first thing will be to make sure you have registered in the Android 15 Beta program. This will be simple, just access the corresponding official website and complete the registration with your Google account.
  2. Then, you must go to the section «Your eligible devices» to check if your mobile is compatible with the Beta version.
  3. Download and install this version following the instructions shown on the screen.
  4. Something you should remember is that It will surely present bugs and errors, since that is precisely what a Beta version is about.
  5. Join the Google Feedback program after using the Beta for a few days. The objective will be to transmit your experience with this version, this information is what makes the error correction possible for the official version of Android 15.

What other Android news has been presented at MWC 2024? The Android news that has been presented at MWC 2024

Although it is true that the launch of Android 15 has been the most important news for followers of this operating system this year, Many other interesting news were announced at MWC 2024. They are between them:

Images created by AI will be described

The Lookout app is a well-known Google tool used mainly by people who have a need for special accessibility features. Precisely, it will be this app, helped by artificial intelligence technology which will generate image descriptions.

Applications like Google Lens will be integrated into others Google Lens

Google Lens and Google Maps will integrate much better thanks to new features. This will be integrated into the TalkBack application and will make it easier for users to get more out of both tools.

You can take handwritten notes

Now it will be viable take notes of all kinds made by hand in Google Docs. This function is compatible with Stylus tablets and other Android phones.

More intuitive controls in Spotify Spotify could raise prices sooner than you think

Choosing the desired device for playing music through Spotify will be much simpler than before. This will occur due to a reset platform controls from your Android devices.

It will be easier to travel by public transport

Thanks to your Wear Os smartwatch you can obtain information about routes and directions for public transportation. All this without the need to use third-party apps, just using Google Maps.

The launch of Android 15 has users excited about all its features, this and There were more Android news that were presented at MWC 2024. Let us know in the comments what you think of all the surprises that Android brings us in 2024.

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