The famous puzzle game Monument Valley is celebrating its anniversary

Monument Valley

Making puzzles is one of the most classic, stimulating and entertaining games of our childhood and now, decades later, it continues to be a success among children and adults but jumping, as expected, to the digital format. The best example is Monument Valley, a game you've probably heard of, if you haven't played it yourself on more than one occasion. Or perhaps you are even one of those declared in love with the app. Be that as it may, and whether you are a regular player or if you have just discovered it by reading this article, you have to know that the famous puzzle game Monument Valley is celebrating its anniversary. He turns 10 and wants to celebrate in style, so pay close attention to the news and events he has organized.

Monument Valley is considered one of the best mobile games and hence the expectation that has been created around his tenth trip around the world. Because 10 years don't happen every day. An entire decade of existence, and a successful one at that, is quite an achievement for an app. 

Get ready to virtually attend her birthday party and enjoy the special events and accessories with which the developer hopes to please her followers. Meanwhile, we will tell you everything about this puzzle game and, of course, the surprises that have already been announced regarding its anniversary.

What is Monument Valley?

Monument Valley

Monument Valley It is, in fact, a puzzle game. One of those apps that managed to get into the pockets of a group of users and little by little people spread the word about how entertaining it was to play and everyone wanted to have it on their mobile device. Phones and tablets offering us lots of fun thanks to this app that, by the way, it's not free, but despite having to pay to have it installed, many users have opted for it. Specifically, there are more than five million copies sold. This game, which was born in 2014, is the creation of the British company Ustwo Fampany Limited

The objective of the game is to guide a princess named Ida through an unreal world, full of color and fantastic structures, through mazes, mysterious corners, optical illusions and challenges. It has different levels and, users say, the game is short but fascinating.

Monument Valley
Monument Valley
Developer: ustwo games
Price: 2,99 €

Why do you like Monument Valley so much?

The plot, objectives of the game and, above all, its aesthetics, its perfect construction, its cheerful coloring and the quality of the sound create a perfect set so that the game is spectacular and makes the player feel at ease who always stays with you want more. To the point of purchasing the game and extensions, to continue playing. It is rare, if not impossible, to find a player who regrets having made this purchase, because everyone repeats the game once they reach the last level.

Furthermore, it is not a very complex game and it is not a headache to play, but on the contrary, a very stimulating experience. It's a three dimensional game that immerses you fully in the adventure and allows you to do tricks going from one place to another through stairs that appear or are formed from the most unlikely structures. 

How much does Monument Valley cost?

Monument Valley

Download Monument Valley It costs just over 3 euros and, currently, you have 10 levels to enjoy the experience for a long time, although there are those who complete it in a few hours, because the game is engaging. However, the creator has promised to create more levels, so we hope that she will surprise us soon.

Aesthetics are what count in Monument Valley

Aesthetics are everything when we talk about this puzzle game, because it really is the only thing he has to dazzle, but boy does he dazzle. Coldly analyzing its characteristics, we do not find a compelling incentive to get hooked on the game or even to play more than once, because the story of the silent princess could not be simpler and the actions that we are going to carry out the same. 

There are also no absolutely exciting objectives or goals to pursue. That is to say, the game really is very unchallenging if not non-existent. However, it is engaging due to its design, because it is pleasing to the eye to look at those wonderfully designed settings. 

It's a nice game, with a soundtrack that delights your ears while you play, images that attract your attention and give you a visual spectacle. And little else, because good things don't last long and in just over an hour you can have finished the game and reached the rather dull objectives of the game. 

How will Monument Valley celebrate its birthday?

They haven't done much to celebrate the birthday either, why should we say otherwise. However, there will be some surprises and they will surely surprise us with some new features, even if we have to wait a little for this. 

For the moment, a video with celebratory images and collecting criticism from users who have been part of the game throughout these 10 long years. And, for what they have dropped, the composer Todd Baker, Which is the game music creatorAlso will have a performance

On the other hand, it offers its users wallpapers to decorate the tablet or mobile phone and that can be download here without cost.

Right now, little else, because they have promised that there will be events but they have not wanted to say anything about it either. At this time we don't know what, or how, or when.  

What users are waiting for most is precisely more game, since Monument Valley is liked and does not disappoint, because its visual and sound spectacularity compensates for the poverty of the game, but leaves you wanting more. Hopefully the developers of the famous puzzle game Monument Valley It's an anniversary, surprise us soon with new features and more levels that will make your followers happier. And you, are you also a fan of this game?

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