Trick to watch Tik Tok anonymously

Trick to watch Tik Tok anonymously

Two things can happen: you don't have a TikTok account yet but want to take a look at how this platform works, or because you have a family member, friend or acquaintance who publishes videos and you want to view their creations. Or, second option: that you do have an account on this social network but you want to spy on someone's profile or publications without leaving any trace of interest, like this, in “spy” mode, or as it is more elegant: anonymously. Well yes, we are fully aware that both variants can occur, although the most common will be the latter. For this reason, and leaving you freedom of movement, we have rescued a trick to watch Tik Tok anonymously

This is precisely the good news that we are going to give you today: yes, you can see the videos that your ex publishes on TikTok, or your neighbor, the one from the fifth, with whom you get along regularly and whom you love to see doing antics, or your partner's ex, etc. And the best of all is that you can see it anonymously, without that person knowing that you visited his profile or that you were left speechless as a spectator of his creations. 

Are you curious? If deep down we are human... Prepare to pay attention to this article until the end and take note of the trick that we are going to give you so that you can put it into practice today.

How to see without being seen on TikTok

We will have to distinguish between those who do not want to have an account in the app but also do not want to give up gossiping to others. And those others who do have an account or don't mind opening one, but what they are looking for when reading this post is to see without being seen. 

In the first case, there are formulas to be able to watch TikTok and enjoy what our acquaintances publish without having to open an account. This is very good, for example, for the elderly. Our parents and grandparents, who do not have the slightest idea of ​​what tiktok is nor would they be able to manage their account, but we are also excited for them to see what their children, grandchildren, nephews or acquaintances publish and even famous people they admire. 

Trick to watch Tik Tok anonymously

In case number two, if we have an account, but we want to enter incognito and snoop on your ex's little act to, just in case, imagine if he is happy or unhappy without our company or in what phase of falling in love he is with his current love, and other similar situations that may arise, you can also make some changes to your privacy settings to achieve this goal. But let's go in parts. 

You have a TikTok account but you want to watch without them knowing that you have watched

"To bread, bread and to wine, wine”. As the saying goes, why are we going to be secretive? You have your TikTok and you know perfectly well how this platform works, but what you don't want is for another person, whose posts you are dying to gossip about, to know that you watched it. This would be terrible for your ego and you prefer to deprive yourself of the desire, even though inside you have a curious dance of nerves. And the proof is that you are here, looking for secret formulas to allow you to unleash your paparazzi instinct, to look without being seen looking. 

El trick to watch tiktok anonymously consists of making your account private. It's actually easier than you're thinking. Do you want to do it? Well, follow these steps:

  1. In the upper right corner of your profile there is an icon made up of three bars. Click on it.
  2. Now, go to “Privacy Settings”.
  3. Within the privacy tab, choose the “Private account” option and activate it. 
  4. To give you one hundred percent peace of mind, we will tell you that you will know that you have the account private because the blue colored icon will appear.
  5. For greater security, you can also deactivate the “Activity status” box. 
  6. You will also have to deactivate the “Profile views” option. It is located below. And do the same with “Post Views”.

With these options disabled, you could see another user's posts without the social network telling you. Now, remember that you will not know who has looked at your posts, your status or your profile, as long as you have those boxes disabled.

Trick to view TikTok anonymously if you don't have an account

Trick to watch Tik Tok anonymously

You don't have an account nor are you interested in the idea of ​​creating one, because you don't like videos and having accounts and even more important not to use them either. But you heard about some funny videos or someone who posted something worthwhile and you're really curious to watch them. But as they say: “curiosity killed the cat.” Unless the cat is smart and knows how to watch those videos anonymously. 

In your case, what you have to do is use the web version of TikTok. Search from Google. There, look for the video you want to watch and enjoy it! 

Another option to watch the videos of this social network without it being known that you did so is to log out of your account, in case you have an account and an open session. And continue the previous viewing or search with the account closed.

The VPN option

Nor can we forget another alternative that consists of install a VPN in your app from TikTok. It is very useful if you are in a public place and do not dare to use your private data on a public network. Connect your VPN and you can browse at ease to watch videos or whatever you want to see, maintaining your privacy.

If you liked this trick to watch TikTok anonymously, do not hesitate to apply it and then tell us how your experience was. You will help other users like you to resolve their doubts. 

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