What iPad to buy?

Apple has made its products among the most valued. Some almost exclusive computer products with a design and features that are not easy to find in the competition. Because, iPad is one of the best options if you are thinking of purchasing a tablet for home or professional use. Here you can know everything you need to know to acquire the most suitable for your case ...

Which iPad to buy

In order to choose the best iPad, you should analyze its characteristics and know how to identify what you need according to your needs. Each iPad model is designed to satisfy a different user group ...

iPad Air

If what you want is a great tablet for the house, then the iPad Air Is the best option. It is a very light and compact tablet, and with exceptional performance. A device powered by the powerful Apple M1 chip, which will be able to run all the apps with ease.

On the other hand, another highlight of the iPad Air is its large screen, with 10.9 ″. A magnificent panel in which you can enjoy all the videos, games, or use it to read without having to force your life. In addition, it includes a high resolution and pixel density, so that the image quality is truly impressive. And, of course, with an audio system on par with what you would expect in an Apple product, with speakers and a built-in microphone.

It also comes equipped with a high quality camera in its back area, as well as a front one to be able to bring those who are far closer together through video calls or take incredible photos. To give extra security, it also includes a Touch ID fingerprint sensor, which together with the stability and security of its iPadOS operating system, will mean you don't have to worry about anything.

In short, a tablet for those who need a mobile device for everything and everyone at home…

iPad: the best option for undecided

iPad has a 2022 version (10th Gen) quite interesting for the most indecisive users. It can also be a great alternative to the Air (4th Gen), as it has similar features but for a lower price. And the differences between the two are not so great. To get a better idea, you can see this comparison between both models:

  • The iPad screen is 10.2 ″ compared to 10.9 ″ on the Air. As for the panel, in the first it is Retina and in the second Liquid Retina. That is, the iPad is slightly inferior to the Air.
  • The chip is also somewhat inferior on the iPad, with an A13 versus an A14 from the Air. That will mean slightly less performance, but it is still a very powerful tablet when compared to other brands.
  • The rear camera on the iPad is 8MP, while on the Air it is 12MP.
  • The new generations of Mini, Air and Pro have included a USB-C connector, but the iPad still has a Lightning.
  • It is compatible with the Apple Pencil 1st Gen, while the other models with the 2nd Gen.
  • The weight and dimensions of the iPad are slightly higher than the iPad Air.
  • For the rest, they are quite similar in terms of connectivity, storage capacity, autonomy, etc.

In short, the iPad can also be the best choice for most users who are looking for a great tablet for the home, but are not so demanding as to want an Air and pay extra ...

iPad Mini: compact and for homes with little ones

If you have a home where you have little ones who are of the age to use tablets, or if you want a compact tablet for mobility reasons, then the iPad Mini is recommended. This iPad has an 8.3-inch screen with Liquid Retina panel in the new generation. That is, the panel has improved in image quality and is now slightly larger. However, this tablet still maintains an ultra-slim profile and a very light weight.

You can choose this device with WiFi 6 connectivity and also models with LTE 5G to add a SIM card and enjoy the Internet wherever you are. It now includes the A15 Bionic chip, with up to 40% higher performance, but pampering the battery so that it lasts for hours and hours without worrying about charging.

Of course, it shares many other features with the Air, such as the Touch ID sensor, the high-quality 12MP rear camera and the front one for selfies or video calls, the iPadOS operating system And, like the Air, it also supports the use of the Apple Pen, to be able to take notes by hand or develop your creativity by drawing as if you were doing it on paper.

Conclusion, you can have a very compact device, with great autonomy, and with light weight, as well as one of the best connectivity to navigate fast wherever you are. That transforms it into a fantastic tablet for those who travel or need to take it with them wherever they go. In addition, it is a product that, due to its dimensions and low weight, adapts extremely well to the smallest of the home ...

iPad Pro: for the most demanding and professional use

El iPad Pro is the tablet of tablets. The highest range of products offered by Apple. This device is designed to develop extreme performance and offer the best features on the market. Therefore, it can be a great alternative for the most demanding or to be used as a work tool in business environments.

This version does not use Apple's A-Series chips like the Air or Mini. This series is focused on mobile devices and is the same one that is also used in iPhone models. But the Pro has included a M-Series chip, specifically the M2. A chip designed for Macbook computers and with a much higher performance.

The display has also been improved, with a display panel 12.9-inch and XDR Liquid Retina technology, with True Tone and Pro Motion which gives exceptional image quality and colors never seen before. Of course, along with this IPS LED panel, they have also added a magnificent sound system with powerful and rich speakers as well as a microphone. And not to forget the front and rear cameras capable of recording video even in 4K. That is, everything you need to enjoy multimedia content like never before and make the best video conferences.

The storage capacity of this tablet has also been improved, to store everything you need and more, without worrying about the capacity. And for those who want to navigate at high speeds, you have connectivity WiFi 6 and also models with 5G. Even if you want to use it as a tablet for creative drawing work and the like, it also includes the Apple Pencil and you can add the Magic Keyboard to transform this tablet into a laptop.

In short, the best of the Apple range. A tablet with incredible design quality, thin and light, with a autonomy that removes the hiccups, huge screen, and with a performance that will improve productivity in business environments.

Why buy an iPad and not another tablet

ipad with apple pencil

There are countless brands of tablets on the market, but iPad is always on top, among the best valued. The reason that many prefer this brand to others has a series of fundamentals that you should know:


El iPadOS operating system It is a variant of the iOS that is used in the iPhone. This operating system stands out for being reliable, robust and very secure, with an App Store full of applications of all kinds and with quite good filters to avoid malware. Therefore, the system offers a very easy-to-use platform so that you only worry about what really matters.

Is Android's great rival, and although Google's platform has a greater number of users and available apps, Apple's has won in many aspects, especially capturing that segment of users who are looking for something more exclusive.

App Store

The aforementioned app store Apple has millions of apps available, from the most everyday, to video games, office automation, etc. Everything you can imagine is in store. In addition, the requirements to be a developer and upload an app in this store are higher than those of Google Play. Therefore, a developer who wants to position his app in it will have to pay more and go through filters, thus preventing malware from proliferating.

Of course, as with Google Play, there are countless totally free apps, although it is true that in Apple you will find more payment than in other systems ...


ipad pro to edit videos

One of the things most valued by iPad users is the fluency of use, the smoothness and speed with which it moves the operating system and applications, without obstacles, cuts, or waiting. All thanks to the powerful hardware with which Apple has equipped these tablets. Therefore, it is an ideal device to work without interruptions or unpleasant surprises ...


Another important factor that many users opt for an iPad is the Apple ecosystem. If you already have other products of this firmLike a Mac, iPhone, Air Pods, or any other, the Cupertino tablet will adapt wonderfully to your other devices. For example, to transmit data from one to another, to share with iCloud, etc.


Last but not least, another of the most valued things about an iPad is the quality of the finishes, its design and its reliability. They are usually among the brands that spoil the least and last the longest. That is because Apple, when it closes agreements with the manufacturers that are responsible for creating these devices, takes great care of the details of quality control, with higher standards than those of other brands.

Where to buy a cheap iPad?

If you have already convinced yourself or have already been convinced to buy an iPad, you should know all the most important stores where you can buy one of these Apple tablets at a good price.

  • Amazon: in this online platform you can find all the tablet models that exist, both new generations of iPad and somewhat older models if you want to buy an iPad for a much lower price. All with the guarantees of return and purchase security provided by this website and with preferences if you are a Prime customer, such as free shipping costs or faster deliveries. You can even choose between several offers for the same product, always choosing the most favorable one for you ...
  • El Corte Ingles: the Spanish chain also has a good section of tablets among which are the latest Apple models. In addition, you can choose between going to your nearest ECI store and take it with you at the moment or order it from their website to have it sent to your home.
  • MediaMarkt: the German technology chain stands out for its prices and its slogan "I'm not stupid", and that is where you can find the iPad you are looking for at a good price. Again, in this store you can also choose between going to your nearest MediaMarkt to buy it, or saving the trip and waiting for them if you order it from their online store.
  • Carrefour: in this chain of French hypermarkets there is also the possibility of acquiring the iPad directly at the nearest point of sale or ordering it online if you do not have one nearby or it is more convenient for you to have it sent to you by courier. You will find the main models and the latest generations on occasions with interesting promotions and offers.
  • Apple Store: the official Apple store will allow you to buy all its products in the few physical stores of this brand or through its website. In this platform, as in others, they also give you the possibility of financing the product in installments. In addition, you will have their guarantee and technical service if something happens.
  • FNAC: the famous French store is another of the best known in Spain when it comes to technology and books. There you can also find the Apple iPad, both in stores that are scattered around some cities or on their website.

How much does an iPad cost?

Despite the fact that Apple products have quite high prices, given the exclusive What they are, the truth is that you can find iPad tablets for less than you think. You could find an iPad Mini or iPad from € 370 in its simplest versions (less memory and with WiFi), up to just over € 1000 for the more advanced iPad Pro versions. Also, you might find models from previous generations or years that will lower these prices even more if you don't mind not having the latest version.

If you compare those prices with the rest of tablets, the truth is that they are not so far away. It is true that you can find low-end Android tablets for € 100, but it is also true that Apple does not compete with that range, but they are mid-range or high-end. Therefore, if we go to that segment of the market you can see prices between € 300 and € 800, so the iPad does not have such crazy prices.

Conclusion on which iPad to buy

ipad pro

Although Apple does not have a huge variety of different series and models, the truth is that it is not something easy. When you go to buy a tablet, doubts always arise. But here are some tips to be able to choose one:

  • For the most travelers and those who need greater mobility:
    • If you are going to use it to read, for streaming, gaming, etc., and the screen is important: iPad Air.
    • If it is not essential that you have the best of screens and you want something cheaper: iPad Mini.
  • For professional use or those looking to have the latest:
    • In this case there is no doubt: iPad Pro
  • For the rest of users who want a tablet for everything:
    • You want to enjoy the latest technology and multimedia: iPad Air
    • What you are looking for is something more basic and not invest too much: iPad

With these references you will be able to choose better your ideal iPad tabletAlthough perfection does not exist, since all have their pros and cons. But it's always about maximizing what you have, and prioritizing those features that best suit your needs. Many users are guided by marketing campaigns or by the characteristics that companies highlight the most, but that is a mistake. For example, looking at the number of cores is not a guarantee of performance, since there are chips that with fewer cores do more.

Finally, as a last piece of advice, if you're still not sure about which to choose, I advise you to make a list of the uses that you are going to give your iPad. And identify what is most important for those uses. Then go to the official Apple website and explore the models and use its comparator to see which one is better in your particular case. For instance:

  • I use it for streaming. In that case, you will need an iPad with a good screen, with a large panel size if possible, and with good connectivity for video broadcasting. With these characteristics, it could be determined that the best option would be the iPad Air ...

Y remember, that it is good for another person does not mean that it is good for you. They all look for different things ...

IPhone or iPad?

Many users also have the question of choosing an iPhone or an iPad. Even more so with the launch of the Pro versions of the Apple phone and the Max versions that are beginning to be phablets, that is, a mobile device that is between the tablet and the smartphone. The advantages of an iPhone are its size and weight, being able to carry it in a pocket comfortably, and that all include connectivity to have data anywhere. Instead, it has its drawbacks, like a small screen and you don't have the possibility to use the Magic Keyboard to transform it into a laptop and type comfortably without using the touch screen like you can do on the iPad.

Regarding compatibility and options, in the iPadOS You will have the same that iOS offers you, so in that sense you will not notice any difference. Both operating systems share the same base and the apps are compatible, so you will find the same apps in the App Store of your iPad. In short, you will have more than 5 million apps at your fingertips ...

iPad vs other tablets

Both an iPad and any other brand of tablets can do the same things. Even many of the apps found for iPadOS and Android are exactly the same. Therefore, in that sense there is no difference. The difference is in the small details that other brands neglect and that make Apple so exclusive.

By exampleAlthough other tablets have good camera sensors, they do not usually include IR filters like Apple does, and that shows in the quality of the captured image. The pixel density on the screens of the Bitten Apple brand is also usually higher than other brands, which makes a difference in quality. In addition, the chips that Apple mounts tend to lead the benchmark results in terms of performance and efficiency.

To all this should be added the quality of materials and their design, something that many other brands neglect a lot. And, of course, build quality, as Apple is far more stringent when it comes to products that pass quality control tests versus other brands, which translates to fewer breakdowns and greater overall durability.

Other iPads to consider

Finally, if you think that the price of any of the iPad tablets mentioned above is excessive for your budget, you can opt for previous generation models. That is, the Air, Pro, Mini versions, etc., from previous years. That will guarantee you a much more affordable price compared to the latest versions released.

Many of them are still supported and receive OTA updates, so you can be up to date. However, the only downside is that they will become obsolete sooner. Something that can be overlooked considering that you will find models that may even be under € 200 ...