Yotopt Tablet

If you're looking for a very cheap tablet since in turn it is of quality and with some interesting innovations, then you must know the YOTOPT brand. It may not be a well-known brand, but the truth is that it has positioned itself among the best sellers on Amazon. And that means that more and more users are relying on these tablets. In addition, this Chinese manufacturer offers you a new tablet at the price of what other second-hand ones cost, but without the problems that this type of used device could hide ...

Is YOTOPT a good brand of tablets?

As it is not a well-known brand, it is one of the most frequent doubts. But Yotopt tablets stand out for their quality and low price. This type of low-cost chinese tablets they are being a success on online sales platforms. And they have some typical characteristics of an expensive brand, but for much less. A very important saving that can be the salvation for all those who cannot afford a more expensive tablet.

The technical characteristics of these tablets also they are quite good when compared to others of similar prices. In short, for what one of these tablets costs, it will be difficult for you to find other well-known brands that provide the same.

Do Yotopt tablets come in Spanish language?

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As they are Chinese products destined for the Chinese market and open to other countries through online sales platforms, they usually come configured in a more "international" language, such as English. But no problem, since they can be configured perfectly so they are in spanish or in any other language you want. To be able to configure it, you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Go to the Languages ​​and Input section.
  3. Then to Languages.
  4. There you will find an option to add the Spanish language.

On the other hand, Yotopt tablets usually come with a external Bluetooth keyboard. These keyboards will allow you to use the tablet as if it were a laptop, to write more comfortably without using the on-screen keyboard of the touch screen. However, they usually have an English distribution as well. To solve this, you can use the typical stickers that they sell with the Spanish layout and remap the keyboard with the Ñ… Having configured the language in the operating system, the keyboard will work like a Spanish keyboard.

What operating system does a Yotopt tablet have?

Yotopt tablets have the Android OS Google pre-installed, with all GMS services, so you don't miss anything. In addition, they usually have a fairly recent version, something that other cheap tablets and Chinese brands do not have and that can be a problem if the manufacturer does not provide updates.

Along with Android, they also usually come with some add-ons, such as DuraSpeed ​​software. This is a feature that can allow apps to run in the background. Instead, it doesn't have too much annoying bloatware like other brands, nor does it have a modified UI layer, just pure Android ...

Are Yotopt tablets the best value for money?

These tablets are not the cheapest in the world, there are other low-cost brands that may have somewhat lower prices, or some Indians that are extremely cheap. But their models measure up and their users are usually satisfied with the purchase, since they have a better value for money versus other unknown brands.

Characteristics of some YOTOPT tablets

If you are interested in knowing some of the technical highlights of the Yotopt tablet models and that helps you make a decision about the purchase, you can see some in this list:

  • IPS screen: The IPS panels (In-Plane Switching) It is a technology derived from LCD LED screens. This type of panel has improved on previous technologies, being one of the favorites by most manufacturers because they offer fantastic performance and image quality, as well as a good brightness to see them even in environments with a lot of ambient light, good range of colors, and good viewing angles.
  • OctaCore Processors: Yotopt tablets are usually quite well equipped in terms of hardware. They feature ARM-based SoCs with up to 8 processing cores and high-performance GPUs to run all kinds of apps without blocking. A smooth experience that will be more than enough for most users who do not need something extreme.
  • Expandable memory with SD card: Another positive point of these tablets is that they have SD memory card slot. Some brands, even very popular brands like Apple, don't include them. Therefore, you will be forced to buy a more expensive tablet with a larger internal memory capacity so that it does not outgrow you or you will end up with space problems. However, by having this possibility you could extend the memory thanks to these cards and thus always have the capacity you need.
  • Aluminum chassis: This is usually common in premium models, so it is striking that a cheap Yotopt tablet also has it. They have been manufactured with a attractive design, quality materials, and robustness. Thanks to the aluminum chassis, the internal heat can be dissipated even better, to keep the temperature in adequate ranges even when you use it for many hours at a time. And all thanks to the thermal conductivity of aluminum.
  • Front and rear camera: These Yotopt tablets also include front and rear camera. The main camera has a good sensor for making video and photo recordings, while the front one will help you enjoy selfies and make video calls with your loved ones. Of course, it also integrates speakers and a microphone.
  • LTE and DualSIM: This technology is also not common in the cheaper models. Expensive brands tend to include them in their top and most expensive models. Thanks to LTE connectivity you can also use a SIM card (or two thanks to DualSIM) to have a data rate and thus be connected to the Internet wherever you are. No need to be near your WiFi network. That is, as if it were a mobile phone.
  • GPS: Too include integrated GPS, with which you can use the location options of the apps, mark the photos with your location, or use Google Maps and other apps as a navigator for the car, etc.
  • OTG: Their USB ports are also usually OTG (On-The-Go), that is, an extension that allows these ports, not only to load or transfer data like that of other tablets, but also to connect other external devices. For example, you could connect an external memory.
  • Astereo speakers: Yotopt tablets also include transducers of sound quality, with two audio channels to listen to all the music and audio you want in stereo.

Do Yotopt tablets give problems?

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These Yotopt tablets give so many problems like any other tablet would give. That is, in general they do not usually have more problems due to the fact that they are cheap. You can't expect extreme performance like expensive brands, or that they have certain features for that price, but that doesn't mean they'll break down on the first change.

What to do if a YOTOPT tablet does not charge

If you see that your Yotopt tablet does not charge when you connect the adapter cable, and you see that the battery icon does not show the lightning symbol to indicate that it is charging, then you should follow these steps to try to solve the problem:

  1. The first thing to do is make sure that it is properly connected and that the charging port is not dirty or broken.
  2. Try another charger you have on hand or with the cable connected to a USB on your PC.
  3. If it works, you already know that it is a problem with the charger, and you should replace it with another.
  4. In case it does not work, it may be a problem with the tablet itself or with the battery. Although that is not usually frequent ...

What to do if the YOTOPT tablet does not turn on

Another problem that could happen with a tablet is that it won't turn on. This problem is usually hardware, although it can also be due to problems with the operating system or with an app that is blocking it. To try to fix it, you can follow these steps:

  1. The first thing is to verify that the tablet has a charge. If it is charged, then go to the next step, if it is not, charge the tablet. It is usually common when it has not been used for a long time or when you receive it for the first time.
  2. Force a reboot by holding the on / off button for 10 seconds. Sometimes it can happen that it is on although it seems that it is not, even more so when the LED lights up or blinks. This happens when the operating system has suffered a crash or error and leaves the screen black.
  3. If that doesn't work either, the problem is probably hardware and you need technical support.

Yotopt tablets: my opinion

If you are looking for a very cheap tablet, complete, and that is not a disaster like other unknown cheap brands, Yotopt can be a good option with good value for money. For very little you will have a more than decent tablet with functions and accessories that you will not find in mid-range tablets and even in some high-end tablets.

They can be great for students that do not have a budget too high to pay for other expensive brands, for those who are starting, for the little ones in the house, or for those who have other devices at home or PCs and are looking for a tablet only to use it for very punctual and those who would not be worth investing in an expensive device.

On the other hand, these Chinese tablets do not have very outdated hardware or software, so you will have Current technology. Something that does not usually happen with other low-cost, which have low prices at the cost of giving you hardware from years ago or an outdated version of Android. And, as I mentioned before, it is also impressive that in a cheap tablet you have GPS, USB OTG, LTE, etc.