Chuwi tablet

Hold on is another of those Chinese brands that are giving a lot to talk about and its popularity is rising like foam. In fact, it has positioned itself as one of the best sellers on platforms such as Amazon. This is thanks to the fact that it offers products with an attractive design and good quality. What's more, this brand tries to imitate Apple, although at a much lower cost as you can imagine.

In addition to the Chuwi laptops that were transformed into exitThey also want to repeat the same results with their affordable tablets. Here you can find out about some of the recommended models and everything you need to know about this brand to decide to buy one ...

Chuwi is a good brand of tablets?

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The Chuwi brand has managed to create some very interesting tablet models, with a fantastic value for money. They stand out mainly for their screen and design, which, as you can see when you see them, try to reproduce that style that Apple likes so much. Obviously, they have other benefits and very different technical characteristics, but they are still interesting for users who are looking for a good tablet without paying a fortune.

This Chinese manufacturer was founded in 2004, in Shenzhen, one of those areas of China plagued with technology companies. Since then, it has bet on all kinds of mobile devices with Microsoft Windows operating system and x86 processors, as well as Android and ARM. This brings greater wealth of choice to its users, compared to other brands that only have models with Android or only with Windows such as the Surface.

On the one hand, you will have the best of the ARM world, with high energy efficiency and great autonomies, as well as all the Google PLay apps, or the best of Windows and x86, with performance and all software that you have on your PC, like Microsoft Office, etc.

Do Chuwi tablets come with Spanish language?

Chuwi tablets, being Chinese and destined for that market, are usually sold outside of China configured in English by default. However, this is not a problem, as you can access the operating system settings to put your native language, like Spanish.

If you have one Windows tablet, the steps are:

  1. Go to the Start menu.
  2. Then go to Settings.
  3. The next thing is to click on the Time & Language option.
  4. From there you go to Region & Language.
  5. You can press the Add button to select Español (Spanish) in the list and your country of origin Spain (Spain) in this case. Once selected, you can return to the main screen.
  6. There you will see the option to configure the default (Set a default).
  7. Click on Download (you need to be connected to the Internet) so that the packages corresponding to your language are downloaded and once they are ready, you should have the system in Spanish.

As for Android tablets, the steps are these others:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Then go to Additional Settings or look for the Languages ​​& input options.
  3. From there select the language you want for the system and keyboard, in this case Español (Spanish).

What operating system does a CHUWI tablet have?

As I have already mentioned, a CHUWI tablet comes with an operating system Microsoft Windows 10 or with Android. Windows tablets are usually based on x86 architecture chips, so they will be similar to any PC. Instead, those based on Android include chips with ARM architecture.

Thanks to this you can count on the choice between Android as the main system, and having a light and efficient system, with millions of apps on Google Play and high ease of use. Or you can also opt for Windows, with good performance and the possibility of using your favorite software and video games that you have on your PC, such as Paint, Office, Outlook, Photoshop, etc.

Another fact about these Chuwi tablets should be highlighted, and that is that models like the Hi10 have dualboot, that is, they include two pre-installed operating systems by default. Therefore, during the startup of the tablet you can choose if you want to use Windows 10 or if you prefer to use RemixOS (an operating system based on Android and 100% compatible with its apps). The best of both in one device ...

Are Chuwi tablets the best value for money?

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There are many cheap brands that are hitting this market segment for low-cost tablets with good features and quality. Jumper, Teclast, Chuwi, Goodtel, Yestel, etc., are some of them. A great competition to offer the best value for money From the market. Therefore, any of these brands will offer you a lot for very little, which is why it can be a master purchase ...

Chuwi Tablets: My opinion

In addition to everything said above, and that remarkable value for money of the Chuwi tablets, it also has decent performance if you take into account the price so low of these devices, and a good design. In addition, by choosing these brands you will avoid fraud or strange brands that are not what they seem or that will disappoint you, with poor quality, poor user experience, etc.

This Chinese brand has always been known for offering good devices, with accessories to provide greater comfort when using them, such as a dockable external keyboard (with the possibility of choosing the Spanish keyboard with the Ñ) so that you can type or operate video games and apps without using the touch screen, which can be uncomfortable for certain tasks.

A huge versatility with models like the Chuwi Hi10, a robust tablet, with a metal casing, and a finish that is worthy of a premium model, but with a surprising price. In terms of hardware, it can also compete with more expensive brands, with ARM and Intel Atom chips, Microsoft Windows or Android operating system, large screens, fantastic autonomy of up to 10 hours, and a very very good image quality.

In terms of connectivity, it also has the usual microUSB or USB-C connection, 3.5mm audio jack, Bluetooth, WiFi, SD-type memory card slot and something that others do not usually include: video output microHDMI.

Conclusion, a good tablet within that compares with other cheap ones, and that can provide everything an average user needs without having to invest large amounts of money. In addition, by paying little, they will also be able to change tablets more frequently, without your conscience bothering you as it would happen with an Apple tablet, which once you have it, you will cross your fingers so that it lasts as long as possible and you do not have to go back to shell out hundreds of euros.