Microsoft Tablet

Microsoft has created one of the best alternatives to Apple tablets, the Surface Not only because they allow you to use the Microsoft Windows operating system instead of iPadOS, with much more software and possibilities, but they also have a design and quality similar to those of the apple brand. Something difficult to find in other brands, so it can be a great option for professionals who need a good work tool.

These tablets have an operating system Windows 11, some very popular pre-installed programs in the PC world, and the best of the mobile device world, with powerful and efficient processors such as Microsoft SQ, an ARM-based chip and co-developed with the giant Qualcomm. In fact, these high-performance chips are based on the Snapdragon 8-Series, that is, the high-end of the San Diego company.

Surface tablet comparison

Within the series of Microsoft Surface products You will be able to find both laptops and ultrabooks, convertibles, and also pure tablets. All of them compatible with a multitude of accessories from the Redmond firm and with different ranges to satisfy several different users:

Surface Pro

These tablets have a 12.3 ″ screen, which is a great screen for this type of device, allowing it to also be used for leisure, such as watching your favorite series and movies via streaming, for video games, design, etc. Plus, it's convertible with an added keyboard, so you can use it both as a conventional laptop and as a touchscreen tablet. In addition to that, it comes with a TypeCover case, very powerful hardware, great autonomy, and with an exclusive and light design.

Surface GB

It is a smaller and lighter tablet, designed to improve mobility at the cost of partially reducing the versatility and performance of the Pro. It is also cheaper, and it is a normal tablet model specially oriented for those who want a tablet Windows but without so many demands. It can be valid for browsing, office automation, and simple apps, as well as for streaming.

What is a Microsoft Surface?

microsoft surface with pencil

Surface is the trademark of Microsoft for its tablets, laptops, fordables, and digital whiteboards. A range designed to offer a fantastic alternative to Apple equipment for both home and business environments. Equipment that combines design, autonomy, performance and mobility in one.

So Microsoft can compete with the success of Apple products, which are taking market share from your Windows operating system. In addition, with this operating system you can satisfy those users who are not familiar with the Cupertino firm's systems, or who depend on native software developed for the Microsoft platform.

As with Apple products, Microsoft has also been very concerned with design, quality, and durability. Something that other brands sometimes neglect. So if you're looking for a device with great performance, fantastic battery life, unbeatable mobility, and a long life, then the Surface may be what you're looking for.

tablet surface with keyboard

Likewise, Surface has a repertoire of very practical compatible accessories, from covers, to mice or keyboards, as well as the famous Surface Pen, an almost essential digital pencil for professionals with which you can have a practical pointer, as well as a quick note-taking tool at hand, as well as for drawing and coloring for creatives.

A Surface does not have a capped Windows operating system, but instead includes a Windows 11 Completely complete, both in its Home and Pro versions you will have the same environment and features that you have on your PC, in addition to having all the native software at your fingertips. A clear advantage over Android, iOS / iPadOS, and even over macOS… In fact, Microsoft has also created UWP (Universal Windows Platform), a project aimed at also adding compatible x86 apps under ARM chip emulation, so you don't miss out no software.

On the other hand is the hardware of this equipment, with high performance and great energy efficiency. You can choose between ARM-based Surface products (designed to extend battery life), and x86-based products (designed to offer performance similar to that of a conventional PC or laptop.

Tablet Surface, is it worth it? My opinion

tablet surface with windows 11

There are several reasons why buying a Microsoft Surface can be one of the best purchases. Some of them have already been cited above, but include them here again to help you understand. choose Surface over other brands:

  • IntegratedThese devices have a very attractive design, with ultra-thin profiles and quality materials, similar to what you can find in an Apple product. Their keyboards are also usually of a higher quality than those that other brands integrate in convertibles, and better than some external laptops that you can buy.
  • Quality: Microsoft has been concerned about the quality control of its Surface, so, despite being manufactured by the same manufacturer as other brands, this brand improves the quality control by contract, something that other brands neglect. So Surface can be very durable, like Apple's.
  • Screen: These tablets usually have screens that are 12″ or larger, which is ideal for gaming or video, as well as reading or working. Something that conventional tablets do not usually have unless they are high-end with large screens.
  • Windows 11: Having an operating system like this has its advantages over iPadOS or Android, since you can use all the compatible software you use on your PC, from programs of all kinds to video games. You also have lots of drivers available for some gadgets that you can add.
  • Performance- One of the strengths of the Surface is its performance, both with ARM and x86 chips, large memory capacity, SSD hard drives, etc. They have superior performance than other tablets on the market, approaching the performance of a laptop, so they can be great for heavier workloads or for gamers.
  • Autonomy: the energy efficiency of the hardware together with the capacity of its batteries, has allowed these products to have one of the best autonomies on the market, and similar to Apple products. You can find a Surface from 9 hours of autonomy, up to another 17 hours on a single charge.
  • More than a tablet: Many of these models, like the Pro, are more than a normal tablet, being able to use their touch screen and also together with their keyboard for portable mode. Being very similar to a PC, they also have the advantage of allowing you to easily install other operating systems, such as GNU/Linux.
  • Professional tool- Some include Windows Pro, ideal for business environments, with enhanced security features, virtualization, memory support, and more.

One of the most obvious disadvantages of the Surface is its price, but on Black Friday you can eliminate that disadvantage in one fell swoop, being able to get a model saving hundreds of euros.

Where to buy a cheaper Surface

Microsoft Surface can be purchased at various stores, including the official Microsoft store. to get this cheaper tablet or convertibles you can choose stores like:

  • Amazon: This online sales platform of American origin is one of the favorite places to buy Surface tablets, with all the models of this brand and with offers for Black Friday that you can take advantage of. Fantastic prices that are added to the purchase guarantees offered and the advantages of free and fast shipping if you are a Prime customer.
  • El Corte Ingles: the Spanish chain of face-to-face stores also has a web platform if you prefer to shop from home. There you can find the latest models of Microsoft Surface, with discounts during Black Friday, so that this "luxury" product becomes an "affordable" one.
  • Microsoft Store: the brand has its official store where you can find all the products it sells, including Surface. It is the direct competition of the Google store or the App Store, and that will also join the fever of offers during Black Friday.
  • Media Markt: the German chain also allows you to buy both in its physical stores and on its website. Either way, computing products, like the Surface, will have unbeatable prices on Black Friday. So "don't be silly" and take advantage of them.

When to buy a cheaper Surface?

Although Microsoft Surface computers usually have higher prices than other models of tablets and laptops, the truth is that they have very obvious advantages, such as flexibility, design, autonomy, performance, and durability. Therefore, they are worth over the competition, and you can get them at a bargain price taking advantage of some events such as:

  • Black Friday: during Black Friday, in all large and small stores, physical or online, you will see significant discounts on all products. Some can go as low as 20% or more, which means a fantastic opportunity to get what you need for much less. Therefore, an excellent time to get a Surface or opt for a higher model than you could afford without an offer.
  • Cyber ​​Monday: It's the Monday after Black Friday, so it can be seen as a second chance to buy your Surface if you didn't get it on sale on Friday. The sales are usually similar, only in this case they are made only in online stores, and not in physical ones.
  • Prime Day: If you already have an Amazon Prime subscription, you can also find exclusive discounts for these users, including in the technology catalog. The day this event is celebrated can vary each year, but the objectives are similar to Black Friday, that is, offer similar discounts and encourage sales.
  • Day without VAT: there are other days with similar offers such as the Day without VAT, the ECI Technoprices, etc. In the case of the former, it is usually held in Mediamark, Carrefour, El Corte Inglés, and other surfaces. The discounts on this day are 21%, that is, as if you saved this tax. So it's also an extraordinary opportunity to get your Surface at a bargain price.